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Red is the color of romance, strong emotion, passion and love. Creating a perfect bedroom in all red can be a tricky job. Here are some bedroom design ideas that can transform your room into a romantic haven. There are vibrant red color bedrooms, minimalistic accents in red and also seamless combinations of different colors. Going for an interior design consultation can provide inspirational ideas including what to do with the color red.

Bedroom with Brick Cladding Walls and Red Oxide Floors

Give your ultra-modern bedroom a traditional touch with a red oxide floor and red wall. It is a sustainable, versatile, simple and smart way to design your room. Beautifying the room with some wooden furniture and decorative items will create a timeless look. If you want to have a nostalgic feel whenever you enter your bedroom, you should try flooring with red oxide.

Luxurious Bedroom in Red and Green

Red and green is certainly a vibrant combination and might sound extravagant to some. But if this combination is used with expertise and precision then it can convert a bedroom to a completely new level. The magic trick is in the use of lights – there should be plenty of lights in the bedroom. The color of the ceiling and curtains should be light to break the monotony of dark shades. Using stripped lights on the wall will beautify the space further and highlight red and green walls. Interior design consultation specialists suggest having minimal furniture and glass door wardrobes in such bedrooms.

Romantic Bedroom in Red

Interior design consultation experts recommend bedroom design in red if you are looking for a romantic feel in your space. The pillows, lampshades and velvet bedsheets give a cozy feel to the room. Matching curtains and floor rugs in red or pink will accentuate the style of this romantic bedroom further. Having a heart cut design on the wall will add even more to the vibe.

No matter what kind of look you want to give to your bedroom, it is better to schedule an interior design consultation to discuss your ideas and wants. They can assist you with questions about color and style, helping to complete the look of your room.