Online Retailers are always on the lookout for new ways to interact and engage with their customers. With email marketing becoming less effective , and online ads getting ignored or outright blocked, it can be difficult for brands to establish a connection with their audience in a manner that feels meaningful.  This is why many Shopify merchants have begun investing in eCommerce SMS solutions as a way of boosting customer outreach.

MessageBuy is one such SMS solution that has proven to be invaluable for a number of eCommerce merchants. The text messaging software allows online retailers to contact their customers and clients via text messages. Through their effective service, they are able to offer a variety of benefits including cart abandonment recovery, dynamic uniquely generated discount codes, URL link shortening with tracking functionality and more.

Using MessageBuy’s diverse set of text messaging features, Shopify merchants  can even partake in mass broadcast campaigns to help market new products or seasonal sales  with ease. All of this is coupled with advanced analytics, ensuring that online retailers can  track the progress and outreach that each aspect of the service has provided. The abundance of features and possibilities offered by MessageBuy has made it a must for merchants  nowadays.

The e-commerce SMS tool offers clients with three different editions, each of which assists retailers in recovering abandoned shopping carts via SMS or MMS. With a free trial available, as well as both well-rounded and expansive packages, e-commerce merchants  are able to pick something that fits their needs and is suitable for their current price range.

MessageBuy is pleased to have garnered a decent amount of attention from their many clients and customers. The service has grown rapidly as of late, and much of this can be credited to their seamless integration with Shopify. All of MessageBuy’s customers are earning a ROI of at least 300%.

MessageBuy is an automated SMS and MMS marketing platform for Shopify merchants, built to help manage campaigns sent directly to one’s customers and improve their buying experience.

MessageBuy was built and designed by the pioneers of eCommerce Email Marketing and experienced online merchants. The MessageBuy team understands eCommerce, what Online Retailers truly want, and Marketing Communication. They offer an easy to use and reliable UI that can be set-up in minutes. Thus, merchants  can begin crafting and sending campaigns immediately. They provide prompt support and strategic guidance to grow online revenue without the headaches from confusing technology.