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Bharat Photon’s Indian urinal sensor and urinal flusher is an excellent solution for keeping your restrooms and bathrooms clean and tidy. The automatic urinal flusher saves water and keeps your hands clean.

In terms of new-age technology, a revolution has occurred in your washrooms, bathrooms, or toilets. An automated urinal sensor, sometimes known as a urinal flusher, is a type of technology that allows urinals to be flushed automatically.

An infrared urinal sensor that detects when someone is standing in front of the urinal usually comes with an automatic flush sensor. When the sensor senses that the user has gone away, the automatic flush mechanism is activated.

Automatic urinal flushers prevent the unbearable putrid smell of unclean toilets spreads throughout business buildings via hallways and staircases. It is a significant challenge to modern business and organisations.

Old-fashioned and primitive cistern flushing methods are inappropriate in current times since they continually flush water whether needed or not, and they also take up toilet space. Bharat Photon’s Indian urinal sensors and urinal flusher are designed to give automated fishing in western/Indian type urinals and comodes without ever touching anything.

Bharat Photon’s auto flushing systems are elegant, long-lasting, and simple to use, and they provide a premium and professional appearance to any organisation.

Benefits of Using Urinal Flushers

The Indian urinal sensors and urinal flushers designed by Bharat Photon offers specific benefits and qualifying qualities.

  • It is a touch-free automated device, making it an excellent product for usage.
  • As soon as someone approaches the sensor, it begins to operate.
  • It is beneficial for both commercial and non-commercial settings since it supports the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • They are water-saving and low-energy-consumption products that are more effective than manual ones.
  • It helps in cleanliness and keeps germs away.
  • They are wall-mounted, battery-powered, and equipped with an infrared sensor.
  • They employ enough water pressure and aid in the prevention of foul smells in your toilets and bathrooms.

Why Choose Us

Bharat Photon is a prominent and trusted distributor of Indian urinal sensors and urinal flushers, and other bathroom automation products, which you can purchase at affordable prices from our online store. If you want a large quantity for your hotels or spas, you can easily get them from our website. Our products are built of high-quality materials that are both robust and long-lasting. Simply select your favourite product, and it will be delivered to your home at the specified time.