The fresh beautiful coat of paint which makes your house look wonderful and new can also make it look shabby if the paint starts to crack. You must have noticed walls where the paint is coming off, the presence of bubbles on walls, chipped coat coming off and cracks forming. Such unwanted cracking of paint is very distasteful. When painters don’t take care of the minute details while painting and get the painting done in haste, the nightmare of cracking paint may come true for house owners.

Cracking paint is a common phenomenon and has many reasons. But if painting is done by professional painters, you may not have to face bubbling and cracking paint walls. There are a few things that house owners should also be careful of while construction and in maintenance after paint to avoid any cracked paint on walls.

Damage due to Cracked Paint

Cracked paint is evidently unpleasant to look at. Flaky paint on walls can degrade the aesthetic value of your house or commercial space. Such space is not welcoming and it somewhat states the carelessness of the owner. And this is not at all a good thing. If you are facing the problem of cracked paint in your commercial space, do not delay any further and consult professional expert painters in Marlton NJ to re-paint.

Paint is also like a protective layer on the concrete surface. If the paint is coming off, it can expose the surface to more wear and tear. Renovating and re-plastering the walls consumes a lot of time and is expensive. Hence, it’s very important to repair cracks and flakes of paint coming off in time.

In this article, we will closely examine “Why your freshly painted wall cracks?” Take a look at various reasons for paint cracking, chipping and bubbling:

  • Lack of Preparation

A lot of crucial activity has to be done before painting. Preparing the surface is one of the most important of them. If the surface is not prepared, it will only accelerate the aging of paint and the cracks and flakes will appear sooner. Good preparation of the surface beforehand, allows the paint to settle better and stick to the surface much better. Smooth painting is another step, and it needs the right tools, the right paint, and finishing materials to have a seamless painting job with no errors.

Lack of preparation like the finishing of the surface not done, good quality tools not used, base coat not painted properly or allowed to dry properly; such problems can only aggravate the cracking and flaking issue. Hence, it’s important to prepare well first and then go ahead with painting.

  • Cheap-Quality Paint Products

If you are not ready to pay well, you are not getting well. Simply put, the quality of products you use for painting is always important. If you choose high-quality paint and tools, you will get extraordinary results. Paint products on the higher end have high durability, they last longer and the effects of aged paint can be seen after a few years. Good quality paint has good luster. They adhere better with the surface and hence highly reduce the chance of cracking and peeling.

Before choosing the brand to buy paint, consider these things: –

  • Does the company have proper licensing?
  • Do they guarantee luster and finish?
  • Do they guarantee durability?

Always make an informed decision, check reviews and investigate before you buy paints. Painting is an investment exhaustive activity. Make sure you are doing your research and then putting your money on the brand.

  • Mistakes while Painting

The process of painting itself is crucial for a good outcome. Make sure you or the painters you have hired are following a good ratio of paint and other solutions to get a good consistency of paint. If you will use too little paint and increase on other solvents it will hamper the adherence of the paint on the surface. Also, the look of the output will not be as desirable. Hence follow some credible sources and use their ratios to prepare a good quality paint.

The process of layering paints is also important. Allow enough time to dry up the initial layers and then paint over them. Make sure enough layering is done. One or two thin layers of paint hardly last a year and start to crack and come off as flakes.

  • Weather and Climate

Paint cracks and flakes because of the bubbling of paint. Paint bubbles because of moisture and heat. It’s very important to make sure that the surface and initial layers of paint dry up well. The time a surface takes to dry up completely varies from one region to another. It also depends on the weather, if it’s the rainy season and a lot of moisture in the air it makes takes more time to dry up.

Another reason is the climate of a place. If you get heavy rainfall in your region and dry hot summers, there are higher chances that paint will crack easily and faster. Heat and rain can affect the chemical bond between the paint’s compounds and hence paint can start showing signs of wearing. It is advisable to get weather protection paint for such regions.

  • Ageing of Paint

The aging of paint is natural. After a few years, the chemical bonds in compounds of paint start breaking as they become weak. Exposure to rain, cold, snow and sun is also a reason for wearing out of paint. If the painting is not done properly and the preparatory steps are not followed it may start cracking even sooner. Generally, a professional painting job last for a few years. The life span of paint also depends on the quality of paint.

  • Professional Painters

Hiring professional painters is very important. Professionals know their way around and they value the importance of money you’re putting in painting and deliver value. They take care of the nitty-gritty and make sure that everything is taken care of and done with utmost accuracy.


Cracking of paint before time is a sign you need to inspect about your paint quality, painter’s work quality, and other factors as discussed above. But, cracking of paint is also a natural process; it will happen eventually. Watch out for any flakes coming off and cracks that are appearing and hire professional painters in Marlton, NJ to get re-painting done.

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