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If the water heater is starting to act up, you can check the possible reasons and may be able to fix it right away. However, if the water heater is in no minimal condition – like it is not working at all – it is time for you to contact a plumbing service that provides professional assistance to fix the water heater to avoid the same problem again.

The common issues that every homeowner experiences with their water heater are the following:

No pilot light

If you are using a gas water heater, it requires a pilot light o ignite the gas that makes the water warm. If the pilot light is out, you need to reignite it by repeatedly switching the ignitor switch. It would be a bigger problem if it continuously goes out. You might need to clean it because some dirt probably snuffs out the spark.

However, malfunctioned thermostats, broken valves, or air in the gas line are the main reasons a water heater is not working. If you have done the first step – cleaning – and it is still not working, you may need to troubleshoot the other parts and replace the faulty one.

Poor water flow

If you notice the water pressure coming out your shower or sink is changing, the sediment already builds up at the bottom. You may have to drain the tank and flush out the sediment as your first step to troubleshoot the problem. Next, if the problem continues to arise, check the pipes around the water heater. You will have to contact a skilled plumber to clean and replace the tube to ensure that everything is fine with the water heater.

Rusty or smelly water

If the water from the water heater smells rusty, there are likely bacteria in your water tank. This problem causes orange discoloration and smells like a rotten egg. To identify the problem, you should first check that the tank is the problem and not the water source.

You should run cold water to check if the smell remains the same. If the smell comes from the hot water, the problem is with the water heater. When the water has a strong odor, it means bacteria are growing inside the water tank.

This problem might affect your health and might damage your skin. When this problem occurs, you better need to call for professional assistance from experts.

Rumbling sounds

If you hear a rumbling sound, it means that a significant issue is happening to your water heater. The heating element is burning the sediment that causes the tank to create noise. If it sounds like boiling, the water heater is overheating that might cause a dangerous pressure build-up. It is a must to turn off the water heater immediately to prevent the water heater from exploding.

You can solve this problem by clearing out sediments and drain the tank. However, you would probably hire a professional plumber if the water heater issue continues to happen.

You may encounter these common water heating issues unexpectedly. All you need is maintenance to prevent problems with your water heater and save your time from worrying about fixing them by yourself. You should hire professionals from plumbing contractors that provide the best services for repairing plumbing issues.

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