Staying healthy comes up with a price especially for the people who love to eat. They have to compromise with their favorite dishes, especially sweets. In this scenario, erythritol is the new fad among the health enthusiastic all over the world. This new ingredient is like a magic key for the people who want to stay fit without compromising their tastebuds.

If you are not aware of this, then let us tell you everything about it.

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is an artificial sweetener that is getting popularity as a substitute for sugar. The natural form of Erythritol is present in fruits like grapes, watermelon, and pears and is produced during the fermentation process of beer and wine.

The Proveedor de eritritol supplies the product to the companies to produce the sugar-free foods and drinks. Though it is available naturally, now people manufacture the Erythritol in the factories so that more and more people can enjoy their dishes without any guilt.

How much calorie one can have with Erythritol?

If you compare the calorie of Erythritol with sugar then you will be quite surprised to know the fact. While one gram sugar has 4 calorie, one gram Erythritol has zero calorie. The reason is that the small intestine absorbs this ingredient quickly and eventually disposes of the body with urine within 24 hours of consumption. The meaning of this process is that it does not metabolize to your system and turns into energy. 

How much safe is Erythritol to consume?

There are many studies and researches have been going on regarding Erythritol on its effect on human and animals. World Health Organization or WHO has approved Erythritol as safe to consume in 1999 and FDA followed the same in 2001.

This ingredient is also safe for the people who have diabetes as it does not affect insulin or glucose level in the blood. For that reason, the peoples who have diabetes can contact Proveedor de eritritol and enjoy sweet dishes without hampering the insulin level. However, the foods that contain Erythritol may also fat, calorie and carbohydrates and for that reason, it is very important to check the label before purchasing.

How is the taste and appearance of Erythritol?

The taste of Erythritol is sweet which is quite similar to the white table sugar. You can purchase it either in white granule form or in powder as per your requirement. So, we can use Erythritol instead of sugar in your beverages, baking items, and other dishes and enjoy guilt-free intake.