Muffle Furnace


As everyone knows, the various activities carried out in laboratories are extremely important for the continuous scientific development, and their consequent application in improving our quality of life. Thus, so that this development is always in constant evolution, there are many pieces of equipment that are considered essential in a laboratory complex, such as the Muffle Furnace.

The muffle furnace or chamber furnace is traditional laboratory equipment for burning samples at high temperatures. It basically consists of an external metallic chamber with a coating composed of refractory material. In addition, the muffle furnace has electrical resistances that are capable of raising the temperature from 200 ° C to 1,800 ° C. Depending on the maximum desired temperature, the material of the burning element /heating element can vary. They work in a wide temperature range, up to 1,800ºC, which is why they are also called high temperature oven. It serves a variety of applications, such as tempering, casting and testing materials, thus requiring specific furnaces.


Muffle Furnace is generally a front loading box or tube design used for applications that require high temperatures. Composed of individual heating elements at the top, bottom and sides of the chamber for uniform heat distribution. The boxed muffle is usually used to process larger samples or to easily place and access samples. They can be small, medium and large, suitable for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Since the tubular mufflers are usually used to handle small samples, or further heating in an atmosphere inert to using specific sample processing tubes.

It is important to note that these furnaces have electric resistances that are able to raise the temperature up to 1,800 ° C. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right type of temperature controller for your application correctly. Temperature control can vary from a single set point to more versatile microprocessor- based systems with a temperature ramp, programming and communication options.


Muffle Furnace are basically two types of controllers: the integral controllers that are independent and mounted on the main control panel of the oven, saving space and allowing easy access with quick maintenance of the plug-in; and independent controllers that can be positioned adjacent or remote to the oven, allowing you to use the oven in hoods or containment areas. Controls can also be placed or grouped for easy monitoring. In addition, there is the option of adjustable protection against overheating to give you more peace of mind. This safety feature replaces the main controller and turns the oven off if the high limit is reached.


These muffle furnaces are available in different configurations to suit different types of applications. Among the possible applications, you can choose the ideal Muffle Furnace for according to your application, whether to be used in incineration processes, food quality control, metal treatments, material coating, among others.

It is worth mentioning that these muffle furnaces are commonly used in research to determine which proportion of a sample does not suffer combustion and is not volatile, delivering reliable results so that you can have greater control over the components and the quality of its materials. Finally, these muffle furnaces are present in several segments, from general chemical/physical-chemical laboratories to large industries.

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