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Be it for a café looking forward to establish an outdoor seating area or for someone wanting to introduce shade in his house lawn, the best element that will help them is the shade sail. These stretchable fabrics that are tightened between certain number of poles and the ground nails to form a particular configuration. These fabrics are arranged to provide the maximum shade and block the sun rays.

Here, in the forthcoming discussion, we have brought to you a range of information pertaining to the shade sails, the parts involved, their importance, and several other relevant facts.

Importance of the shade sail

The first thing you have to learn is the benefits of using the shade sails, in both the commercial and residential properties. Without understanding the importance, it’s difficult to have clarity about a topic, and that’s why here we have briefed some of the advantages of installing a shade sail.

  • Shade sail fabrics have the optimum thickness for blocking the sun rays from entering the area being covered.
  • It’s ideal for camping, tents, and outdoor parties, including the BBQ events.
  • Most restaurants and cafes having an outdoor sitting use the shade sails to offer a perfect protection from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • If you are getting the waterproof fabric, you will be able to protect others and yourself from rainwater also.
  • Shade sails are ideal for making an area cooler during the summer time, as they increase the wind speed by streamlining the flow area.
  • For designing and installation of the shade sails, it should be kept on mind that all the edges of the fabric must be 30 to 35 feet in length maximum. If you are going for a greater length of any of the edges, it will be hard to design such a configuration and install the same.

Things to consider for designing and installing a shade sail

  • If you are considering the triangular sails, you need to make sure that the largest of the three sides has a length that equals twice the length of the shortest side. This is to ensure that the shade sail design is not too thin to balance the load properly.
  • As shade sails also provide protection against rain, the triangular and other designs of the same must have a slope such that the water can drain out without accumulating at the top.
  • While installing the shade sails, you can increase the strength of a rectangular or square arrangement by changing it into a 3D hyperbolic parabola.
  • If you are overlapping multiple shade sail fabric cuts cover more area, you need to make sure that between each overlay, there is a minimal gap of at least 12 inches. This will prevent the chafing of the fabric, thereby increasing the longevity.

Shade sail fabric choice

Shade sail fabrics are specially designed to ensure that the arrangement can serve its purpose without causing any hassle. This is why you need to particularly use the shade sail fabrics only and not the ones used for making the awnings.

  • The fabric used to build the shade sails are made from high-density polyethylene material and has meshed loops which will allow the water to drain through easily.
  • These fabrics have high stretchability which will ensure that one can tighten the arrangement and get the desired configuration.
  • As the shade sail fabrics are stronger and tougher from the natural ones, they will be able to handle more stress and load without crumbling or tearing apart.


Shade sails have gained a lot of popularity in the recent time. But, for designing and installing one, you should be aware of the basics and that’s what we have discussed here. Even though the task of installing the shade sail sounds easy, it is rather a job of precision and accurate calculation. So, make sure you have got everything right so that you can save both money and effort in designing and installing the shades sails for your home.

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