Tyres are the only source of contact a vehicle has with the road surface, they are the key to move the car forward, and stop. We are dependent on the four-rubber shoes of our car, filled with air, to keep us going on the road. This is why maintaining and inspecting your tyres for any underlying issue regularly is important to maximize their lifespan. In general, tyre servicing is done using the PART rule, i.e. Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, and Tread. When the tyres are maintained properly, the overall performance of the car is enhanced and more safety is ensured. Hence, we must ensure the Dunlop Tyres Coventry are in a good condition, properly inflated, wearing properly, and are not too old by conducting routine maintenance. 

Air Pressure – Correct inflation pressure is important because it is responsible for comfort, fuel efficiency, and vehicle handling. Car manufacturers recommend the required air pressure for your vehicle, so check it and stick to the same at all times. The recommendations help us not to do over- or under-inflation. Over-inflation can cause increased rolling resistance, resulting in a higher fuel consumption rate, a harsher ride, and less traction on the road surface. Contrarily, under-inflation leads to faster tread wear, and tyre blow-outs. This is why the automotive manufacturers believe there should be accurate air pressure in the tyres for better traction and a smoother driving experience. 

Wheel Alignment – For better vehicle handling while driving, proper wheel alignment is a must. It does not just adjust the four wheels of the car but the suspension as well. When the tyres have been misaligned the chances of road accidents and damage to the tyres and vehicle increase. Routine wheel alignment can protect the life of tyres and encourage the safety of the vehicle. If you notice that your car is drifting to either side of the road when driving straight or a slight vibration in the steering wheel then your vehicle’s tyres are out of alignment. You must get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary tyre damage. 

Tyre Rotation – A routine positioning of tyres in particular patterns from side to side or front to back is important to upkeep the tyres and to ensure their safety. It’s recommended to rotate your tyres every 5,000 miles or as per your manufacturer’s recommendation. You can also get tyre rotation done when you go for an oil change. This ensures that all the four tyres of your car are wearing evenly and at the same rate. The rotation pattern that best suits will depend on the type of tyres you have, whether it’s all, rear, front, or four-wheel drive. 

Tread Wear – As you drive your car, the tyres will wear a little every time. But, the rate at which they are wearing, completely depends on how you maintain them. Early or irregular tyre wear leads to tyre damage and you will have to replace the tyres sooner than usual. For even tread wear your car tyres must be accurately inflated at all times. Too low or too high air pressure can cause the tread to abrade away quickly. The second important aspect of faster tread wear is the misaligned wheels. So, you must check your wheel alignment routinely and get them fixed if any irregularities are identified. 

What Is The Importance Of Tyre Maintenance?

Routine tyre servicing is required as it increases the fuel mileage of the car, extends the life of the Tyres Coventry, and most importantly to ensure the safety of the car as well as the driver/passengers. 

So, if you notice any abnormality in the tyres of your cars such as a sidewall bubble or a slow puncture, get your car at our facility. We are backed by a team of highly experienced professionals who specialize in carrying out proper tyre maintenance services at affordable prices. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling on our helpline number.