NEX NEWS Network is one of the world’s fastest growing companies that is composed of a number of news channels that work with multimedia news. Our responsibility is to gather news and information from across the globe so that we can provide our viewers with verified content in order to keep them updated, educated and to fuel curious minds.

NEX NEWS was founded in 2014 and has been flourishing and evolving ever since. It currently operates through 40 media channels and is planning to soon extend its media empire to 60 media channels. It is a media platform that runs on the principles of credibility, honesty, serving the people with a daily dose of knowledge and information and always maintaining the fastest speed. It is a platform that ensures its continuous growth and evolution in accordance with the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Everyday at NEX NEWS is a race against time so that credible news is delivered to the viewers at the earliest. The aim is to provide updated content from all spectrums of life ranging from daily news to entertainment to educational programmes. We strive to unite the world by creating honest and compelling content for each and every one on any and every subject we can lay our hands on. It always was and will be our vision to provide comprehensive and trustworthy news services and programmes. NEX NEWS continues to grow in the world of news and media as well as in the hearts of its viewers.