The Indian tourism industry is booming, and there’s never been a more exciting time to get involved. 

With’s volunteers in India, you can work with local communities as they create sustainable projects that will boost their economy while also spurring on greater levels of entrepreneurship among women throughout the region. In addition to learning about rural development from locals who have first-hand experience running successful businesses involving hospitality services such as homestays or farm stays for tourists interested in authentic experiences over commercialized ones, you’ll come away knowing how best to encourage economic growth not just at home but abroad too! If your passion involves helping others find fruitful ways forward through business then this opportunity may be perfect for both giving back and gaining new skills during an internship abroad

Hampi- The New Popular Place For Voluntary Tourism

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site described as “a highly evolved multi-religious and multi-ethnic society”, is an ancient city of ruins situated in the south India state of Karnataka. A unique landscape with a lot of historical relevance, it ranked #2 on Lonely Planet’s ‘Must Visit Destinations’ for 2019. Lack long term grassroots level policies has prevented Hampi from reaching its true tourism potential however: human development indices there such as healthcare education employment opportunities do not meet optimal standards.

Opportunities In Rebuild Hampi Project

The Hampi community invites you to be part of their cultural heritage. Let your creative juices flow as you contribute to the local initiatives under Rebuild Hampi! Use art and design for reviving the local culture scene, bringing a change through various in-house projects like awareness campaigns or empowerment programs. If possible bring your own ideas too!

Come join us and leave your mark on Hampi! All of our initiatives require creativity from you. The local community will benefit greatly, so give it a try! We have various campaigns for awareness as well as empowerment programs that we think you can get involved in. Bring along your own ideas if possible to make the experience even better.

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