Smart Quran Academy

Holy prophet (S.A.W) says:

                                      “Bestest among all of you is he, who learns Qur’an and                    

                                                 Also teaches it to others”.

In the modern age of science and technology ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY has launched the online Qur’an teaching plan. According to this Qur’an will be taught to you online via internet. It is so easy for you to learn Qur’an online. Only thing that you needed to have is just an internet connection with an android cell phone.

ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY is missioned to teach you Qur’an at a very low cost anytime, anywhere so you, as a Muslim, should get the basic and necessary qur’anic education with much ease. MASHALLAH.


have you grown up older and feels bored? Do you want to something meaningful I your life? No worries…. ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY is providing much services to you. Now in the busy life of UK you can also learn Qur’an by sitting in your home just by switching to ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY”. ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY will provide you online teaching services even in UK so you should not be deprived of Qur’anic education, no matters where you are and how old you are.
ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY have skilled and professional teachers to teach you accordingly.


In the world of technology and science, USA is on the top of busiest countries of the world. Keeping in the view the busy routine ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY has launched the system of online teaching of Qur’an so you can learn anywhere, anytime with ease and comfort. It is more reliable and affordable. And if you are a worker and don’t have enough time to teach your children Qur’an while living in USA, don’t worry ONLINE QUR’AN ACADEMY will teach your children in a best way.


If you don’t know tajweed e Qur’an and want your children to learn Qur’an by tajweed rules, so here is an open opportunity for you. Your children can now learn Nazra and tajweed just by using ONLINE QURAN ACADEMY. And you what is the best thing? Beside your children, you can also learn tajweed e Qur’an.