What are the important factors when choosing the best repair for your oven or stove?

The following list should be a good start:

Do you need an electrician or gas fitter?
Is the technician properly certified?
Does the organization have the proper licenses, that is, the electrical contractors license?
What are your charges?
What brands do they serve?
How do your warranties compare?
Do you have the right parts on board?
Are they members of an association of maximum bodies?
Do you have published policies and procedures?
Well, it seems simple enough, or at least if you read enough blogs etc, you will find many variations on the above list indicating that their method / list / tips are the panacea for your dilemma; How to choose the right repairman!

The reality is very different. Most people who need to repair their oven repair or stove don’t have the time to make a list and methodically tick it off before making a reservation. Worse still, in little Adelaide you are limited to a handful of truly professional repairers who repair ovens and stoves for a living, where their skills, resources, stock, spare parts, etc., match your requirements.

So what can you do that is quick and easy, and at the same time, improve your chances of getting a good repairman? If you don’t have time to read the full article, you can jump to the summary at the end of the article, in the meantime the advice I can give in a sentence is two things: remember a) most of the big appliance repairers will tell you what you want to hear , and b) you only get what you pay for … if you’re lucky!

If you’re interested in the scenic version though, great, we’ll go over some of the points above and hopefully tweak your bull dust radar.

Q. Does the technician have the proper certification?

A. Yes. Remember that most will tell you what they want to hear. But the real answer lies in a long discussion. For instance; It is your electric or gas appliance. Next, we must decide if the problem is electrical or gas. Most gas ranges or ovens have electrical systems within them, which, if the oven or range is connected, requires a registered electrician to perform the repair. If the oven or range has an electrical fault and the unit is not wired, the average refrigeration mechanic can probably perform the repair legitimately. But, and there is not always a but, how do you know if the unit is wired? And how do you know if the unit has an electrical or gas fault? Most customers won’t know! The reason these smart lists are often not that helpful is that you have no way of knowing whether the repairman has told a white lie or not. In truth, they don’t. They need to see the work before making that judgment. And this is why they told you what you wanted to hear; because most will charge a minimum payment on the first visit regardless of whether they can complete the repair or not. The most professional repairman will tell you who to call, but for them, the payoff has already been achieved; that being the payment for the first visit.