In today’s day and age, one ideally shouldn’t even have to spell out or stress enough about the benefits of social media marketing and how important it is to have a presence on multiple social media platforms. However, there are still a handful out there who tend to undermine social media marketing services providers and undervalue the need for a social media marketing company in India or anywhere for that matter.

The overlooked advantages of social media

There is so much more that social media can do for your brand than imagined, it may not be an overnight success but the kind of long term benefit it has in store for you is unimaginable. 

1. Access to real-time industry trends

Social media offers real time business intelligence for smart decision making. You don’t need to wait for surveys to be conducted – your social media presence will have the followers appreciate or criticize your brand – there is a lot of transparency and real time, unfiltered feedback to guide you to take corrective action. The hashtags that are trending give you an insight into what is gaining popularity and what to capitalise on. This is one of the biggest benefits of being on social media– knowing what is trending or in other words what has caught the attention of the public.

2. All-inclusive competitive analysis

Since everyone is on social media, knowing what your competitor is up to is out there in the open and available for you to see, guilt free. What is their promotion strategy, what ads are they getting traction on, what is the engagement like on their reels, what are they doing differently as compared to your brand? You can take a cue from what is successful for them or use areas where they are not performing well as an opportunity for you to capitalise on. For instance, their Instagram presence may not be the best, which gives you the first-mover advantage to maximize the potential of that platform. 

3. An avenue for better customer service 

These days, when consumers have a concern, instead of trying to connect to customer service via phone calls  or writing long emails – they just tweet or use any form of social media to draw the attention of the company. Through social media you can address customer concerns, have a continuous dialogue and make the customer feel heard. Through ongoing social media engagement with a customer, they feel heard and valued, regardless of whether the resolution was in their favour or not. This is a huge plus point for any enterprise. Through continuous feedback you know what areas of your customer service are lacking and work towards fixing your customer success strategy.

4. Appealing to Gen-Z

Gen-Z has changed the way marketing works by moving away from traditional marketing and responding to social media marketing. Marketers need to adapt according to the kids who have been born to social media making social media one of the most attractive mediums to market to the young generation. Most of the users on Instagram are under 30 and right now Instagram presence especially if they are your target, is irreplaceable. What Instagram can do to attract this generation, cannot be done by any mode of traditional marketing. 

User-generated content, live sessions, stories, influencer marketing, etc are ways to attract the younger and technologically savvy generation. 

5. Enhanced user engagement through customer curated content

When customers tag you in their stories, share pictures of your products and services it leads to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. You can share these mentions and tags with your followers. In fact, many home-grown brands are using this as a regular marketing tactic. Their feed is all about user curated content and praises. This depicts customer satisfaction and adds legitimacy to your product. 

Many people use social media, but understanding the collateral benefits of social media and capitalising on them can help businesses go a long way. When you hire a company like Rep India to handle your social media, they know exactly what social media strategy can be best for your company and industry type.