Accounting requires significant and wide data in various districts including precedent-based law, charge assortment, cash and exchange trades rules, exercises at customs, work and development issues, etc Aj Consulting has all topic specialists and may guarantee full consistency of accounting and comprehend great deal associations and relationship between different Laws. At the StartUp period, it is crucial to find trustworthy clerks which can give the ensured runs in all pieces of Russian Legislation and give you the all-out accounting and obligation support without consuming extra time and money.

Being reevaluating Company Aj Consulting is unique in its disposition to the Client like we are inhouse clerks: we circumspectly fitness the prerequisites of every Client and treat all of them like there is no one else besides the one specifically.

We give a full overview of organizations that are required under Russia Accounting standards and the necessities of our Clients:

Arrangement of the Financial and Tax Accounting Policy

Development of all the vital accounting and appraisal registers

Arranging and convenience to the evaluation and other money related and bits of knowledge experts of all the legitimate financial and obligation reports

Fulfillment of money control necessities

Arranging of electronic monetary portions money assessments

The convenience of obligation and accounting reports in electronic association

A quick check with charge audits about charge records of our Clients to ensure the finish of all accounting and cost commitments and liabilities

The game plan of the leader’s reports for our Clients is a plan which the Client uses Worldwide.

 Qualified staff – is the clear-cut advantage for each Company, especially at the StartUp period, when each specialist looks like the new breath for the new business. You can go during a time to find and use the fortunate individual for your new Company, yet it can require a day to make him leave if he isn’t content with work conditions. One of the agent’s premiums in the business is to be paid on time, to be clear with what he gets in different cases, and to be 100% sure that his specialist’s advantages will not be ignored.