Physical therapy is a great tool to help you recover from surgery and that is how most people become familiar with physical therapy. When you have surgery, there is almost always a period of immobilization that is necessary to the healing process. However this immobilization will weaken the muscles around an area or bone or tendon that is recently mended. All of this together creates an unusually high risk of re-injury after a severe injury or surgery. Physical therapy is the solution to this problem, because physical therapy will teach you correct exercises in a controlled setting that allow you to strengthen the muscles around the affected area without risking injury to it again. Once these muscles build up and the original injury is completely healed, a physical therapist can teach you how to continue to move in a correct way and build your muscles in such a way that you will not be likely to experience this same injury again. This is all part of the magic of physical therapy however there are other wonderful practical applications of physical therapy, such as physical therapy to treat pain.

How to Manage Pain with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be used to treat and manage disabilities and injuries. This is one way that it absolutely can be used for pain control. So often pain is from an unmanaged or improperly managed injury or condition. When this occurs physical therapy can really be a turning point in pain management. Physical therapy can also help to increase strength in one area to reduce stress in another area. When done correctly, this is an awesome way to manage pain. The best part about physical therapy as a form of pain management is that it has no ability to be addictive and there are no side effects.

Best Physical Therapist for Back Pain

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