Pistachio Oil

Pistachio nuts are touted as healthy nuts, and oil made from them possesses the same properties. The oil has a bright green color and a strong, distinctive flavor that makes it a perfect addition to different dishes, including salads. 

Many people use pistachio oil for cooking and upgrade the nutritional value of the food. It is a rich source of linoleic acid, balanced amounts of Omega-9 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, and vitamin E that offers several benefits to the overall health of the consumer. 

The oil is cold-pressed from the fruit pistachio nut (scientifically known as Pistacia vera) and is purely refined to retain its nutritional value and taste.

We all are well aware of the fact that pistachio nuts have been used since ancient times for improving the health of people. It is one of the healthiest oils, offering a plethora of wellness benefits.

Considering all the benefits the oil offers, if you plan to buy pistachio oil, it is an easy find and will help you get started with your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

If you wish to dig deeper into the facts and health benefits of the oil, then this article can be of great health. Here we will discuss pistachio oil facts and health benefits.

Pistachio Oil Facts

  • Nutritional content: The oil contains 19 mg/100g Vitamin E, 12.7% saturated fats, 53.8% monounsaturated fats, 32.7% linoleic acid, and 0.8% omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Native: It is widely grown in Iran, the USA, Syria, and Turkey.
  • Extraction method: Cold pressed
  • Color: Deep green
  • Odor: Mild 
  • Flavor/aroma: Strong, pleasant, nutty
  • Taste: Distinctive

Health Benefits

Blood Sugar Regulation

When consumed, the oil stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin that helps regulate blood sugar levels and enhance the overall health of the person.

Promote Development Of Red Blood Cells

The oil is an excellent source of vitamin B6 that promotes the distribution of oxygen in the blood. The equal distribution facilitates the development of new cells and ensures that the body maintains a balance of both red and white blood cells. The improved balance boosts body metabolism and enhances the ability to fight against diseases.

Shed The Extra Weight

If you are on a diet, pistachio oil can be your perfect companion. It contains high proteins, lower amounts of calories, low saturated fats, and a good amount of unsaturated fats that promote healthy weight management.

The oil possesses weight loss properties that make it an ideal addition to your daily diet regime.

Loaded With Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidants play a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. The oil brims with antioxidants that slow down the cell-damaging processes in the body and prevent the creation of cancer cells. 

As compared to any other nuts, pistachio nuts contain the most powerful antioxidants that promote a person’s overall health.

Aphrodisiac Properties

The oil has aphrodisiac properties that can be used for aromatherapy to calm the body by producing a pleasant feeling. By providing the much-needed calmness and relaxation to the body, it also increases the sexual vitality in both men and women and streams more blood to their reproductive organs.

Boost Immunity

The high amount of Vitamin B6 in pistachio oil boosts the body’s immune system. By making the immune system powerful, the oil improves the body’s capability to fight against infections that threaten to invade the body.

Help Manage Diabetes

As already mentioned once that pistachio oil can regulate blood sugar, it can be easily concluded that it also possesses the ability to control diabetes.

For people who are struggling with diabetes, the powerful antioxidants in the oil can reduce glycation- a situation when sugars form bonds with protein and make them useless, preventing the blood sugar level from shooting up.

Good For Skin

Fatty acids in the pistachio oil work well for the skin. It can also be considered a carrier oil and used for massages and therapies to promote blood circulation, promote healing, control acne, and treat scars.

Improve Digestion

The oil contains a good amount of dietary fiber that promotes digestion. If you want to promote the working of your digestive system, the oil is for you.

Promote Hair Health

Mix 3 tablespoons of walnut oil and 6 tablespoons of pistachio oil and heat the mixture for a few seconds in the microwave. Apply it evenly on your scalp and air and give a nice massage. Wash your hair with mild and shampoo and get bouncy, voluminous hair in no time.


  • Pregnant and lactation women should consult a doctor before using or consuming the oil.
  • Make sure to use the oil in moderate amounts.
  • It is recommended that people with allergies to nuts should avoid it.
  • Do a patch test before use.
  • There are chances of allergic reactions to sensitive people.

Bottom Line

Pistachio oil is a great source of fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and other various nutrients, including vitamin B6.

The use of oil may result in weight loss benefits, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and improved digestive, eye, skin, hair, and blood vessel health.

What adds more to its popularity is its delicious, versatile, and distinctive taste. For most people, including pistachio oil in their daily diet regime can be a great way to improve overall health.

We hope that the points mentioned above have helped you know more about pistachio oil facts and health benefits. If you have any queries or questions, please let us know in the comments.