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It’s no surprise that PHP is one of the most popular languages in the developers’ community. Companies like Facebook, Flicker, Wikipedia, Twitter, etc. uses PHP framework to develop a high-quality website.

According to W3Techs, PHP is used by around 79% of all websites. It’s eight times more popular than ASP.NET, its nearest rival in server-side programming languages.

When it comes to web development, most web developers prefer PHP to develop a high-end website. As website development is quite challenging and needs more repetitive tasks, PHP frameworks help developers to build accurate websites quickly.  Experienced PHP consultants can develop the best PHP-based website which helps in getting the best output.

Before going in-depth let’s understand

What is a PHP framework?

PHP framework is a platform to create websites based on PHP. It contains libraries, pre-packed functions, classes, and elements for software designing. When you want to perform repetitive tasks PHP frameworks are the best choice. Due to the various tools, it makes the delivery faster and reduces errors. It refrains you from spending much time in the searching library as the frameworks have full-functional templates.

Let’s discuss some of the top PHP frameworks:

Laravel: Created by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is a free open-source web application PHP framework designed to make development easier and faster. It is expressive, follows MVC architectural pattern, provides elegant syntax, and has superior in-built features. It eases up most of the tasks including authentication, routing, sessions, caching, etc. As it is a server-side framework, you can develop an app that requires backend features like export, import, user-account, inventory control, order management, etc.

Large Community SupportQuite slow for newbies to deal with
More Scalable FrameworkNot as mature as another framework
Open-Source MVC FrameworkComplex for using in large applications
Dependency InjectionNot suitable for small data sets
Two-way Data Binding ProcessNot degradable
Provides Reusable ComponentsNot secure
Fulfils the requirements of major web applicationsComplexity increases with certain upgrades

CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework used to develop web applications rapidly. Being, open-source and easy-to-use, it provides a ready-to-use library to develop PHP applications. This library connects with the databases by performing different SQL queries. The main objective of this framework is to enable companies to build projects faster even if you‘re writing code from scratch. As compared to the other frameworks, Codeigniter Development is fast, reliable, its time and speed are significant.

If you hire a PHP software development company, they can provide you the engaging business solution. They can create a website that can increase customer satisfaction and customer retention. 

Has smaller footprintDoesn’t emphasize code maintainability
Easy setup optionsRequires exhaustive libraries
Supports both database and caching and web pageLack of namespace, autoloader use.
Comes with built-in security featuresNot enough functionality for the larger project
Easy to extend and customizeIsn’t for everyone
The excellent tool when simple database API is neededURL’s are not structured properly

Symfony: Symfony is an open-source PHP framework, designed for developers who want to build a simple and elegant toolkit to create a full-featured web application. It reuses the PHP component enabling the developers to create scalable and high-performing web applications. It helps to save time and refrains you from hectic coding. Moreover, Symfony API enables hassle-free integration with third-party applications and can be used with popular front-end frameworks like Angular. This makes the developer’s life easier with readily available framework components and high-end configuration.

Pros              Cons
Fast and easy developmentLow performance for real-time high load application
Comfort and ConvenienceTakes time to build and launch
User Friendly and FlexibilityRequires learning curve to master the skills
Documentation is well written 
Highly reliable and easily testable 

Zend: Zend is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks for developing modern web applications. It is object-oriented and built with an MVC pattern. Zend framework is made up of many different libraries and classes. The components of the Zend framework are decoupled which means that all the components are separated. As it is a complex framework, it requires a sharp learning curve. Industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, etc. have collaborated with Zend to provide a web service interface.

Highly customizableNot easy as other frameworks
Recommended for all the big applicationsLack of enough resources for beginners
HTML 5 compliantExpensive plugins
Larger community supportHuge documentation can be confusing
Efficiency and speed is outstanding 

Yii Framework: Yii is an open-source PHP framework developed for a modern-day web application. It supports component-based architecture and sophisticated caching support which can help develop large-scale applications. Yii is extremely extensible and can be customized or replace with the code. Fast, secured, efficient, and flexible are some of the words to describe the Yii framework.

Easy to installDoesn’t provide AR queries
Utilizes modern technologyDoesn’t allow multiple built-ups
Highly extensibleAjax features are not well-drafted
Facilitates testingLearning requires enough knowledge about the PHP language
Less Development TimeDepends on the static methods
Better Performance 
Error handling 

Cake PHP: Cake PHP is an open-source PHP framework intended to build, deploy, and maintain the application in a much easier way. Cake PHP is based on MVC-like architecture which is powerful and easy to grasp. It helps to make the task simpler by minimizing the need to build an application from scratch.

Open-sourceOne-way routing
Built-in ORMDocumentation is not that comprehensive
Highly securedDifficult to migrate from one version to another version
Provides automatic routing 
Number of add-on features 

Wrapping it up

The above-mentioned are some of the top PHP frameworks that PHP consultants leverage to develop the web application. To make the maximum use, you need to learn how to use PHP frameworks. Connecting with PHP Development Company can help you to select the best framework. At Accrete, we understand your requirements and help you develop the best solution.