The holidays can turn into a bottomless pit many times. Controlling spending becomes complicated when you are having a good time, especially if you tend to pull your credit card. It would not be the first time that more than one person has been surprised by accessing the bank account and verifying that they have spent more than they thought. However, there are ways to save or, rather, to better control the budget. Do you know how? With prepaid cards. 

A prepaid card is a document similar to a credit or debit card. It can be used both to buy in the supermarket, pay in a restaurant or pay any invoice in a store. The difference is that, to be able to use it first, you have to recharge it with the money you plan to spend. For example, suppose that you are going to spend the weekend away from home and that you set an expense of 200 euros as a ceiling. What you will have to do is load the card with that amount and, with each purchase you make, you will be informed of how much available balance you have left, so you will always have control of your expenses. 

The advantages of these cards are the following: 

1- They are ideal for making purchases online.Although today the Internet has improved a lot in security, the truth is that there are still hackers who make the security of the most reliable portals fail. Therefore, if you want to buy something online, it will be better to first recharge the card with the amount to spend. This will prevent possible hacks of your bank account. 

2- Prepaid cards can be recharged in any currency . If you are in the United States, you can use it with dollars or, if you are in Spain, with euros. It’s that easy and simple. 

3- In addition, it is a much safer mechanismfor transactions. They usually have insurance so that, if your card is lost or stolen, you can recover all the money without problems. When purchasing the card, they provide you with a number so that you can report their disappearance or check the accounts from your mobile phone or through the Internet. 

4- There are countries in which the VAT paid by the consumer is refunded . Once you make any purchase, you will only need to print a receipt of the operation and present it to the corresponding agency so that they will refund the money of said tax. 

5- For the youngest , it is an excellent tool to help them learn to make transactions when they travel away from home.

In short, prepaid cards are ideal for saving and offer a lot of security to the user.