Mobile Food Truck Business

If you want to start a new, interesting and profitable business, the food truck business can be rewarding for you. If you are a good cook and foodie too, have you ever thought about making good meals on wheels? Quite strange! Meals on Wheels. Let’s discuss it. 

Mainly Mobile food trucks are considered street foods. We can see many mobile food vans, trucks, etc. for street foods around us, we usually go, sit and eat there. Many times it comes to our mind to open one such food truck as we too can cook good food at home, but to open it, just cooking is not enough. To start this business, you need to know many rules and steps as well. There is much more that you need to know, so let’s get started. 

Firstly we must know about street food.

Street Food

Street food culture was firstly developed in China in the late 19th century and continues with many evolutions. It introduced the concept of street food to other countries. 

Street food includes ready-to-eat foods or drinks which are sold by vendors on the street or public places. It is sold from a food cart, food truck, or any commercial vehicle and is meant for immediate consumption. Some street foods are regional, but many vendors make food beyond their region of origin and this different taste of food and dishes comes with a good result by customers. Most street foods are divided into fast foods, regional foods, drinks, etc., and they are cheaper than restaurant foods. 

According to the study of the Food and Agriculture Organization, more than 3 billion people eat street food every day. Many middle-income vendors and consumers both depend on the cheap service of street food and job opportunities, mainly in developing countries. Street foods vary with region and culture in different countries across the world. 

If you are thinking of opening a food truck business, you must know about the Mobile Food truck. 

Mobile Food 

A mobile food business is a business that runs in a kind of vehicle. It works in urban areas and rural areas as well in many countries. Mobile food is performed with the use of trucks, trailers, carts, and food stalls which prepare many types of foods. It is also used to provide food and essential things during emergency times. 

Sometimes a mobile food can be run on a single bicycle, bike, etc., for sidewalks or parks. And this small cart considers icecreams, Hot Dogs, Panipuri, etc. Because they cannot manage heating equipment or large refrigerators, so that’s why they work with small equipment on small haulages. But large haulages like trucks, tippers can carry heating equipment and they can serve foods and beverages like :

  • BBQ which includes burgers, sausages and chicken and so many items, 
  • Icecreams which includes many frozen treats,
  • Snacks and Beverages which includes coffee, bagels, egg sandwiches, donuts as breakfast items,
  • A heavy meal which includes lunch, dinner and preparing a proper Thali system with Rice, Curd, Sabji, Chapati and many such things which Thali includes. 
  • Fast food which includes Pav Bhaji, Noodles, Manchurian, and many other items which may vary from different countries. 

And there are many more items to eat roadside around the world. 

For better future growth of your food truck, you should create a proper food truck business plan. Here we are sharing some tips to open a Mobile Food Truck Business. 

Choose A Suitable Truck Or Commercial Vehicle For Mobile Food

Firstly, you have to choose a suitable truck or commercial vehicle according to your food menu. If you are planning of Italian and Continental menu, you need a commercial vehicle around 18 feet long. To save costs, you can start this business with an old or second-hand truck, for that, you can check the tata truck price which would cost half the price of a new one. 

If you decide to buy an old or second-hand vehicle or commercial vehicle, you must check all formalities like registration, insurance, RTC, etc. An old vehicle can be modified and designed as per your requirements.

Choose A Right location With Market Research 

The food truck business is very popular with several competitors, so market research is very important. Because you can’t put any truck on the street where already many sellers are running a food truck and selling food for years. 

Get up and do complete market research, see what other sellers are selling, check their prices and compare with yours, check the crowded location where you can target customers easily, build your menu and exterior, etc.

Choose that area where you do not have many similar foods around your truck. If you want more and more customers, you should choose the area where youngsters, students are roaming most. You should keep your taste and price perfect according to the customers, good taste, unique and attractive items should be your first preference. 

Convert Your Truck Into The Kitchen

Finally, the wait is over, your truck is ready to be a kitchen. It includes all kitchen equipment like microwave, juicer, mixer, refrigerator, steamer, griller, burners, working tables, generators, exhausts, and much more equipment. Apart from kitchen equipment, you can store raw materials and raw snack items for a fast serving. You have to choose equipment carefully because this can save your time and lots of money. 

Licenses & Permits Required For A Food Truck Business

Although, there are no clear laws about food trucks or restaurant business. But the essential procedure of licensing or permits for your food truck business is mandatory. 

  • Fire safety certificate 
  • NOC from RTO
  • Mobile Vendor’s License by FSSAI 
  • Insurance

Many consultancies can help you to get the paperwork easily for licensing and other permits. 

Marketing For Food Truck

Firstly you need to make your business logo or page for publicity on social media. Sometimes you have to give many offers or complimentary items with regular meals to customers. Food trucks don’t need any pamphlets for promotion. This business needs the support of Social Media, presence of social media keeps your customers and followers updated for the location, new food items of a food truck. 

Every restaurant or mobile food needs promotion which includes customer reviews, paid promotion, events organizing, etc. and it can go a long way to expanding or spreading your business. 

We hope this information helps you to grow and open a perfect Mobile Food Business. For more information about businesses, stay connected with Truck junction.