There is a lot to gain from a glass splash, but there is also a lot to consider if you are thinking about getting one. Since the glass splashbacks look fantastic and make your life easier, they are also pricey and a huge investment. Glass splashbacks are available in a wide range of colours and may be customised to match any kitchen. They will create a big impression in your kitchen and will do so for many years to come. However, while they are fantastic and offer several benefits, they do have drawbacks, which should be discussed as well.   

Pros of Glass Splashbacks

  • Beauty

Glass splashbacks are not only a terrific way to protect your kitchen walls from future food damage, but they also add beauty to space. You will be astounded by how nice the kitchen appears.

  • Hygienic

A glass splashback is already incredibly hygienic due to its inherent resistance to water, bacteria, and oil. But it is also very easy to clean due to its sleek and smooth surface, which lacks the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies seen on tiled splashbacks.

  • Shine

Splashbacks, regardless of colour, are incredibly lustrous and reflect light. Because of their reflective properties, they may brighten up a kitchen while also making it appear larger. If you choose a bright colour, it will light up the room, even if the windows are small or non-existent.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining glass splashbacks is a breeze. Any dirt or splashes just runoff, and any residue can be readily cleaned with a moist cloth. Glass splashbacks, unlike tiles, do not require grouting, thus they cannot become mouldy. To clean it, all you need is a soft cloth, warm water, and dishwashing solutions. The glass splashbacks are the easiest to clean of any type of splashback.

  • A Wide Range of Options

Glass kitchen splashbacks have the advantage of being available in a wide selection of colours and effects. You have the option of selecting a solid or basic colour. You can also add intriguing picture effects to the splashbacks. Another option is to use one-of-a-kind decor components like fruits and crockery. Regardless of the style or design of your kitchen, you may choose a splashback that will perfectly complement it. Additionally, by complementing it with LED lights, you may use it as a focus point in the kitchen.

  • Makes A Room Feel Bigger

Another significant advantage of a glass splashback is its ability to reflect light. It can reflect natural light in the kitchen, making space appear and feel larger if done appropriately. This is particularly useful in a tiny kitchen or one without windows. The splashback will make the kitchen feel more pleasant and warm, especially during dark evenings and cold winters, because it reflects light.

  • Various Price Ranges

Because splashbacks come in a wide range of prices, you can easily pick one that fits your budget and lifestyle. While all glass splashbacks are safe, normal glass splashbacks are the least priced, while toughened safety glass splashbacks are more resistant, stronger, and more expensive. You can choose the strength of glass based on your lifestyle and budget.

  • Unique

Although any splashbacks will make your kitchen unique, if you want something a little more different, you might contract a glass artist to create a custom, one-of-a-kind design for you. The kitchen glass splashbacks can be used to create distinctive effects by mounting murals on the wall behind them and utilising clear glass to admire and protect them.

Cons of Glass Splashbacks

  • Expense

Custom glass splashbacks are lovely, but they are also extremely costly. You will also have to factor in the cost of installation. While painting a splashback is less expensive, it lacks the visual impact of glass splashbacks. Regular glass splashbacks are less expensive than custom ones, but they are still more expensive than paint.

  • It Needs Careful Installation

Glass splashbacks are more difficult to install than paint or other types of splashbacks. You must also use caution when handling the glass. The installers must also verify that the glass is precisely cut. A crisp, smooth surface is also required for the glass. Installation of the glass also necessitates the use of specialised instruments. Transparent glass, on the other hand, can make installation difficult due to the narrow margin of error.

  • Repairing Damage May Demand A Replacement

Let us imagine you cracked your glass splashbacks by accident. Repairing the damage may be difficult, depending on the amount of damage. You would have to buy a new splashback as a result, so it is always ideal to treat your glass with respect and care.

Wrapping It Up

Contact your local dealers and discuss the possibilities for glass splashbacks if you want a fine looking kitchen without making any compromises and you do not have much of a budget constraint. The variety of alternatives will undoubtedly make it your next decision.