No other aspect of your marketing efforts are as important as having a great website. To have a great website, it is important that you check if your site shares the qualities of great websites. A great website is one that can create a breakthrough in its industry domain and convert eh users into engaged customers and eventually the ambassadors of the brand. Here is what to expect from a great website.

Design and function

Remember that it is your website that reflects your firm, its products and service and ultimately your brand. A good website must be visually appealing and must wear a polished and highly professional look. Lavish white space, uncluttered layouts and good quality images and graphics along with a good content can make your website stand out from the rest. What is equally important is the quick working of the site in a correct and expected way. Every page must load quickly and be fully functional to avoid any frustrations in the users.

Ease of use

No visitor can sit patiently to keep meddling with your site. There is no point in making them work hard to get the information you want to pass on. The navigation must be logical and clear with a well-defined hierarchy. Both casual and intentional searchers must find your site appealing to them.

Mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness has become the prime factor to expect in the websites of our contemporary times. A good site can load well on all mobile devices. You will not know what the next user will be using to view your site. Optimizing your site for the use on mobiles will not only assure a great user experience, it will also contribute to better SEO rankings.

High quality content

The content published on your website must be crisp, clear and concise. It must be appealing, attractive and compelling too. Accurate and relevant content updated regularly can help engage the users in the best way. To add fresh content to your site, blogs and social media posts are a great idea. This is a way to get repeated traffic to your site. If you have to spend something regularly on the content, it is really worth it to keep the site fresh.

Contact and location

Make the contact and location aspects unambiguous, clear and engaging. Include an easy to use contact form and give details of your contact numbers, physical address, email addresses and social media information. Including a Google map on every page of the site is a great idea.


A great site developed by an accomplished Web development Alberta agency needs to be further optimized for ranking high on search engines and invite a high traffic. Optimizing the content, using page titles and meta tags on all pages and images, implementing appropriate keywords, keeping the HTML code free of clutters and using cascading style sheets for layouts are all good practices that must be a part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. Entrust your site’s SEO mission to a reliable and accomplished company that can deliver measurable and proven results.