Stressed about selling? – Where will I move? Loans? Title? Renos? Brandon Brittingham’s Team of The Maryland and Delaware Group of Long & Foster will handle all of the variables involved for a hassle free experience from start to finish and solve problems for you throughout the process.

Brandon Brittingham’s Team of The Maryland and Delaware Group of Long & Foster has released updated real estate listings featuring affordable and prime single-family homes in Salisbury, MD. The team works with clients interested in buying residential properties in Maryland and Delaware.

Some of the distinctive features of their Service

#1 Team in Maryland for homes sold

#5 in the entire Nation for homes sold

#1 in the entirety of homes sold in Long & Foster for 2020

The updated listings by Brandon Brittingham’s Team aim to benefit first-time homebuyers and investors currently interested in properties in Salisbury and the Eastern Shore region.

Due to its geographical location, connections to several states in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and relatively efficient transport systems, the demand for residential properties across The  Maryland and Delaware has recently experienced a significant uptrend.

Real Estate Agent in Salisbury, Maryland

This effect has recently been accelerated by the current pandemic, as homebuyers seek out spacious homes to accommodate their remote work and growing families. The Eastern Shore housing market also attracts investors who are looking to develop local communities and benefit from rising median prices.

Since its inception, The Maryland and Delaware Group and its team of over 30 agents have helped 1,400 people buy or sell their properties. Brandon Brittingham’s Team works closely with prospects and clients, using their playbook of advanced property marketing strategies, buyer and seller liaison strategies, and responsive customer service to deliver results. They are considered as one of the Best Real Estate Agents in Salisbury.

The updated listings feature historic and contemporary single-family and multi-family homes in coveted neighborhoods. The agency connects buyers with personalized homeownership programs, moving services, and renovation contractors. Learn more about Real Estate Agent in Salisbury, Maryland here.

A representative of the company said, “We focus on innovation and efficiency, employing unique marketing techniques and cutting edge technology to deliver a superior level of value to our customers. Our updated listings feature some of the finest properties in Salisbury and the surrounding area.”

Brandon Brittingham’s Team includes licensed Realtors and top professionals specializing in residential real estate. The agency works with buyers and sellers in MD and DE.

Anyone can put a yard in your sign – but can they get you the top dollar, expert advice, offer solutions when problems arise? Etc.

They market differently to get you the value for your home you deserve coupled with the power and leverage of their entire team.

They consistently have clients go to them, who initially interviewed multiple agents, who told them their home value was $20k, $30k, even $50k below what they eventually got them – top dollar, multiple offer situations – Don’t leave money on the table, get what you deserve with The Maryland and Delaware Group of Long & Foster Real Estate

They market differently – and you must invest in the best