Each woman is concerned about her appearance and wants to make it even more attractive and beautiful. Women always follow beauty standards in order to look younger and fresher. When women wear makeup they feel more confident and attractive. However, it is hard for women to find so much time for makeup. Our lifestyle is hectic and we should catch up with various things. If you are also a woman and you struggle to find time to apply makeup each day, then don’t worry. At Brows & Beyond, you can easily get permanent makeup services as well as the highest quality Piercing West Auckland. Thanks to these amazing solutions, you will have a beautiful face and leave everybody stunned. Our clinic has years of experience in the permanent makeup industry. The specialists working here are skilled enough to handle each procedure according to the highest level of standards.

Reasons why people get pierced

For hundreds of years, piercings have been a part of ancient cultures. The reason why people get piercings vary, based on different cultures and individuals. Some of the top reasons for getting pierced are as follows.

  • Showing Manhood

A lot of Ancient Egyptians and soldiers used to pierce their nipples and navels once they entered their manhood. The piercing is like the sign of becoming a man. It’s also a sign that shows a man can handle pain and look strong.

  • Enhancing Individualism

Some people get pierced because they want to stand out. They just like individualize themselves from the rest of society. So it’s a way to show off, a method that helps people look different.

  • Following the Culture

Ancestor’s culture also matters. For example, many individuals from India or Egypt pierce to show respect for their culture and their past cultures. Not only Egyptians or Indians but also Natiev Americans follow this tradition. They pierce to show respect for tribe’s rituals and cultural traditions.

  • Showing off Rebelliousness

Along with trying to be individual, a lot of people want to show how confident they are. The rebellious nature of certain piercings show that you are not like the rest of people and that you don’t’ follow the society’s norms. However, note that there are certain piercings that will not allow you to work in certain professions.  Therefore, when one gets pierced in these areas, they ensure that they don’t care at all what others think and don’t meet what modern society demands.

  • Seeking for Attention

Many people don’t care about being noticed but there are also people who want to get noticed so hard. When women and men want to look trendy and hot, they choose the trendiest piercings as they help them show off their individualism. Moreover, they also get body piercings that accentuate their shape so they have another reason to show it off. These people strove for hundreds of compliment and a lot of attention and that is why then never get enough of piercings.

  • For Tribute or Commemorative

When a person is devoted to someone, he/she wants to show off this devotion. There are many people that obtain tribute piercings or tattoos to honor a past family member or friend. So these people pierce as a reminder of their loved one who has died. It’s just like they use that piercing as a form of healing and closure. Such types of piercings can be extremely meaningful and look so personal.

  • For Having a Hot Look

Others want to accentuate their look so they get a uniquepiercing. Thus, they strive to draw attention to your sexy areas. We can say that such type of piercings is like a decoration and they make a person’s look sexier.

  • Fetishes

There are also people who get piercings for a totally different reason – for fetishes.  They are not interested in the look at all. Their sexual gratification is heightened due to nipple and genital piercings as they create more sensation in those areas. These piercings can also stimulate sexual abilities.

Piercings are just amazing and people wear to show their unique sides. There are various types of piercings and reasons why you should opt for piercings. However, before getting pierced, you should be sure of your choice. You need to determine what you want so that you will never regret choosing that type of piercing. Before visiting a salon for piercing just ensure that it is the piercing that you want and desire. Piercings are very personal and they can have various meanings. So consider what piercings are close to your heart and go for it.

Brows & Beyond

All of our specialists at Brows & Beyond use an innovative and technologically advanced instrument to pierce ears, lips, nipples or any part of the body you desire. By using unique devices, we aim to provide a gentle and painless piercing process. This is why the number of our clients is increasing day by day.

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