Sometimes we need to record the screen of our computer to create a presentation, study work, some online tutoring, or any other activity. Still, then it turns out to be a small or great inconvenience, we do not have an application to help us record the screen, and it is precisely at that moment that an intense search begins to find the right tool.

Taking the previous paragraph as a reference, today we want to present a tool that will solve all these problems since it is easy to use, does not require any installation, and is free. It is RecordCast.

RecordCast is a web application that does not require registration or download of any application or extension for its correct operation. After entering the tool’s website, we will obtain the necessary information to understand the operation, which consists of 3 simple steps: Start recording, adjust settings, download and edit, simple and easy.

To make the tool work, click on the Start Recording button and the next screen grants access to the microphone, audio system or also without audio, then click on the red button to start recording. After starting the recording, a pop-up window will appear with three options to choose from, which are:

Entire screen: To record everything that is happening on the entirety of our monitor or desktop.

Application window: Here, we can select the application that we want to record within all those running on the computer.

Browser preview: If we want to record a specific browser tab, we can choose the desired one from the list to save it.

Once the option to record has been chosen, the process will start automatically. When we decide to stop the recording, a notice will be reflected with the button to stop recording at the top of the recording tab. Once this step has been carried out, we will obtain a new window with the final result and a player to view all the recorded content. By following it, we can download the content directly to the computer or click on the Edit This Screencast Now button, allowing us to edit the recorded video directly online. And it can be to add text, music, widgets, transitions or whatever you want to do with the video. But before proceeding with the editing, a copy of the video will first be downloaded.

Why use RecordCast?

100% free

No need to register or pay. You can get the high-quality recorded video for free and without a watermark.

No download required

Start recording your screen online with one click, without the need to download software or extensions.

Flexible recording

Take a screenshot of the entire screen, application windows or browser tab as needed.

Quick download and editing

Download your screencast in seconds, and add text, music, widgets, and transitions to enhance it.

Without a doubt, a highly recommended, minimalist, simple to operate and very powerful online tool, so it will become CompuTekni’s official resource for all the recordings we make from now on.