Retail Chatbot is a new automated system that helps the retailers by providing them with a customer database. It is designed to make the task of running an online business easier, faster and more efficient. This product can help the business to provide better service to the customers. The best thing about it is that it is a plug and play system. You do not need any special knowledge to run this retail chatbot system.

It will automatically connect to your retail site through the internet and connect to the customer database. It will log into the customer database and look for all the messages sent to it. With the help of this it will be possible for you to know about the orders received and the sales made. Retail Chatbot is a customer relationship management program that helps the users to know about the messages sent to the site and also helps to keep a track on the number of sales made. Apart, from these benefits it also provides several other benefits that are helpful for the user.

If you are new to Retail Chatbot, it is a program that stores all messages and transactions in the database of Retail Chatbot and it act as a communication tool between the owner of the store and the customers. Retail Chatbot stores all the messages made by the customers and sends them to their e-mail box. Retail Chatbot can be installed easily and quickly and it has a user friendly interface. The program stores all messages sent by the customer to the company and it acts as a communication tool between the owner of the store and the customers.

The aim of Retail Chatbot is to make your retail or online business successful. It helps you to manage your customer base. It connects to the computers of the store and the customer. It receives orders and looks for the information sent by the users. When an order is placed by a customer it is immediately moved to the inventory.

Retail Chatbot is designed to improve efficiency of your store. Chat Bots are used to streamline the sales process of the store. A new addition to the software is the “My Retailer” section which contains all the details about the store such as hours of operation, number of employees etc. The software also helps you manage the order fulfillment with the latest available technology. This software helps you to send multiple emails to the customers regarding the new offers and discounts etc.

The software also provides automated customer service on the phone. The automated system helps the customer to call up the store at any time of day or night without manually calling up. The customer can also leave feedback about the products purchased from your shop. This software helps to manage the inventory and track the sales and orders. The software is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

The ChatBot software is an important part of your retail website. The software helps to interact with the customers and help in maintaining a long-term relationship with them. It keeps track of customer details and information and even help to automate the entire process. In case, if there is any problem the customer can easily report his issue and you will be in touch with him.

Chat Bots will allow you to have a quick access to the customer base. This will not only help to build a good customer-relation but will also help to improve the store traffic. Chat Bots will help in improving the efficiency and will surely help your business growth.