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If you have been following the political scene in Washington, DC, you may have already known Rick Wilson. He is a prominent political commentator, radio host, and Internet personality who have created television advertisements for both Republicans and Democrats as well as numerous corporate entities. Wilson has also written books on the history of the Fourth Amendment as well as free market capitalism and is currently writing a book on the 2021 presidential election.

You may not have heard of him before. But if you do, chances are you know him better as the guy who said President George W. Bush was “a moron” during an interview on Fox News. His comments about the former president caused quite a stir and earned him some harsh criticism as well as praise from many other politicians, commentators, media personalities, and everyday people.

You might wonder what led to the discovery of this politically incorrect word usage on the airwaves by the popular talk show host. Was it due to pressure from various groups who are now trying to sway public opinion in their favor during this tumultuous time in American politics? Or perhaps it was simply a simple slip of the tongue that Rick Wilson twitter could not stop saying on his popular radio show. It seems all of the above could be possible.

In any event, Rick Wilson seems to have found himself in hot water with the press over his comments. As a result he has issued a series of statements defending himself as “one person,” and vowing that he will not use any offensive language on his social networking pages. He has also removed several controversial comments from his personal Twitter page. These include references to “Niggers” and the President. Rick Wilson has also promised he will stop using his famous “Amen” catchphrase anytime soon.

What exactly is Rick Wilson’s beef with President Obama? The President is reportedly too involved with his own campaign to be spending his time focusing on “our nation” or the problems we face as a nation. According to the Tea Party favorite, the President needs to “do more than show up for funerals of soldiers overseas or talk about income disparity.” He went on to add that the President has a “weak” leadership style and lacks integrity.

One of the most interesting things to me is that Rick Wilson has mentioned the word Nigger several times on his Twitter page without even realizing it. In fact, he bragged about it during one of his recent videos. It just goes to show you that where there is smoke there is usually fire. There is no doubt that if you listen to Rick Wilson on his various social networking pages you can see that he has no problem using his foul language, and his tone of voice to share his hate for President Obama and all Americans.

Now some may wonder how someone who calls themselves a follower of the Tea Party could be a supporter of the President and his policies. Some might even ask how anyone could look up to the President of the United States as some sort of a social networking friend. I personally think that it is pretty amazing that such silly comments come from someone who supports the Tea Party. Some might say that they support the President’s policies because they are what the Tea Party wants.

The sad thing about the political circus that is currently taking place in Washington D.C. is that people are losing sight of what is important. People are saying disgusting and horrible things about the President, his family and his Administration. The President of the United States is working very hard to make sure that people see the negativity and that they realize that they need to get out of the way so that the government can fix everything. Hopefully Rick Wilson will realize this and will take his social networking back offline and keep his comments to himself.