Heavy second hand safes for sale

We have lots of heavy second-hand safes for sale as well as a few light ones. The second-hand safe market is dominated by the commercial sector as few 2nd hand safes come via the domestic sector. Over the last 10 years, many Bank branches closed in Brisbane and thus many heavy safes filtered into the market. Of course, heavy safes definitely make life hard for criminals however it also makes delivering them hard too. Many people are unaware that a lot of heavy safes are filled with concrete. People often think that they can cash their safe in at a metal recycler for lots of cash. Alas, most metal recyclers won’t take big heavy safes as the metal component is proportionally small.

The safe pictures below however are 100% solid metal and started life as an ATM cash safe. The door is 50mm thick and the body is 40mm. This safe weighs 1200kg and is locked by a standard 3 number combination lock. It’s worth noting that many older heavy safes are very easy to crack open. These older safes were often filled with sawdust. This was used to insulate the contents from the heat in the event there was a fire. Over the years the insulation either settles or decays leaving a large air gap at the top.

Another option to using a heavy safe is to use a lighter safe and then bolt it down using chemist anchors. Chemisette anchors are incredibly hard to pull out and well beyond the ability of most criminals. Significant savings can be made by buying second-hand heavy safes however there are a few pitfalls. Firstly avoid buying really old heavy safes as they are much easier to crack open. Secondly, you can easily injure yourself if you are unfamiliar with moving heavy objects. In conclusion, we are here to help. If you find a good 2nd hand safe send me a photo of it by email. I will be happy to appraise it for you.

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