Security License

Generally, serving as a security officer in Canada typically requires going through a security screening test, undergoing a security check and then successfully completing a security license course. The process of obtaining a security license differs slightly depending on the Canadian provinces. In Ontario, for example, one has to successfully complete the Security Guard Certification Program before one can apply for a Security License. It is also important to note that there are a number of changes coming in the field of Canadian Security Services. In Ontario, for example, one is required to have a minimum of five years experience as a security officer before being eligible to apply for a Security License.

As well as a Security License, applicants must also successfully complete an IT Security Management Associate’s degree before they can apply for a Security License. An IT Security Management Associate’s Degree can be obtained by students enrolled in university or college programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Security or a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology Security and Management. Candidates applying for a Security License must demonstrate that they are already in possession of one year of relevant work experience as a qualified IT Security Manager. A Security Guard Test is also required for those wishing to apply for the Security License.

In addition to the Security License, applicants must also successfully complete a Canadian Safety Management Program, which lasts for two years. To be allowed to take the Security License examination, an applicant must first pass a background and criminal history check. This test measures an applicant’s knowledge and experience of the Security System Industry and any past or present employment. Security licensing examinations are conducted annually and security guards must renew their licenses each year or they risk losing their licenses. Security personnel who fail to successfully complete the Security Guard Test or who are caught without their licenses are subject to disciplinary actions such as fines or loss of their positions.

The Security Control System Examination tests an applicant’s knowledge of the fundamentals of the Security System including how to troubleshoot various systems and how to develop alarm plans. Security guards are responsible for managing the detection and dispatching of emergency law enforcement agencies and fire and security services. Applicants for this Security License may choose to specialize in one or more of these subjects. Security guards who wish to pursue other Security Licensees can do so after completing the Security Control System Examination. However, it must be remembered that security guards already possess a Security Control System license and becoming a specialist does not increase the Security License qualifications.

The Security Control System Examination covers both criminal justice and civil law enforcement. Security guards are also responsible for preventing the flow of illegal substances, deterring criminals and monitoring the security of businesses. Applicants must successfully complete a state approved security guard training course which lasts for a minimum of twelve months prior to taking the Security License exam. The Security Control System Examination requires the applicant to show he or she has the knowledge necessary to be a successful safety officer and the practical skills necessary to execute basic and complex security operations. Candidates who successfully pass the Security Control System Examination will be issued a Security Guard License and will be eligible to apply for state certification.

The next step in securing your Security Guard License is to successfully complete the Security Guard Training Course. Security guards must be professionally trained in a classroom environment to earn Security Guard licenses. Security training courses can be found online or at a local security school. Upon successful completion of the Security Control System Examination, the Security Guard will be issued his or her Security Guard License.

To operate security equipment and to work as a security officer, security officers must be licensed by the State. Security licensees must meet a minimum number of hours of security officer training and security officer practice. Security officers must also complete a background check as a part of the licensing process. When you apply for a Security Officer License you must provide a background check certificate and complete a drug screen.

Security licensing is one of the most regulated professions in the United States. Security industry professionals are subject to routine background and drug testing requirements. Security systems and the personnel that work with them are subject to annual re-training to keep them proficient in their trade. Security licensing is a rewarding profession that offers security professionals a secure job and the opportunity to make a difference in the community.