Security License

Generally speaking, serving as a security officer in Canada usually requires passing a security check, undergoing a security screening test, and then becoming security licensed by the Canadian authorities. However, the procedure for getting a security license differs slightly according to the Canadian province in which one is operating his/her business. Each proviso has its own licensing criterion. Security officers are required to undergo training from time to time. They must also complete a specific number of security officer hours, depending on their respective provinces.

To apply for a Canadian security license an applicant must be at least eighteen years of age. Other than this age requirement, no other condition can be imposed on the applicant. The age requirement in addition to other requirements such as completion of the security officer training courses may vary with each proviso. Other important things that will facilitate the processing of the application are: current address, work experience or employment history, ownership of a residential property in Canada, ownership of a second home in Canada and relevant contact details. It is preferable to apply to the Canadian government through a licensed agent.

After being granted a security license by the provincial government, applicants must go through the written exams for the corresponding certifications. Security guard examiners are usually comprised of security officers from the Canadian police, corrections or immigration services and the Canadian army. Candidates who successfully pass the security guard test are awarded with a security officer card which is valid for a certain period of time.

Security officers are subject to periodic re-examination, renewal and training based on professional experience. Security officers are also subject to federal laws such as the Security Act, Firearms Act and Criminal Code. Security licensees are monitored to ensure that they maintain the quality of service that the company is willing to invest in hiring its employees. Security guards who are professionally trained and certified are required to take examinations administered by the Security National Board of Examiners to be sure that they are still up to date on the latest developments in their field. Security guard examiners are responsible for checking the eligibility of security guards to take examinations for the relevant certification courses offered by organizations like the Security Guard Certification Board.

Security licensees must renew their security guard licenses every two years and obtain re-licensing every three years. Security guard training and exams must be updated every four years as well. Security agencies are responsible for determining eligibility for re-licensing. Security guards have different experience level, which means that the level of experience and training a security officer has will determine his or her eligibility to take the licensing exam for the relevant course. Security guard training consists of specific classroom lectures, in-service training and on-the job training.

On the other hand, security officers must complete more hands-on training to be able to pass examinations administering career security management courses and security officer examinations. Security guards must have a general knowledge of criminal law, civil law, and legal theory as well as burglary, theft, vandalism, and related laws. The Security Control Certificate exam requires security officers to demonstrate practical skills in crime prevention, response to emergencies, and forensic investigation. The Security Control Analyst exam tests a candidate’s written and oral communication skills, including the ability to coordinate with other security personnel, acquire and use tools and resources, interact with supervisors and other agents and make decision about strategic issues. Security officer examinations are conducted by private companies, government agencies, and colleges or universities.

Security licensing exams are valid for two years or until the applicable reapplication period, whichever is sooner. Security officer training courses provide classroom lectures as well as on-the-job experience. Security officer training is usually divided into practical and hands-on training. Most security officer training schools are accredited by the Security Management Institute (SMI) or the National Security Academy. Security officer examinations are regulated by local boards and associations.

Interested candidates can register online to take the security officer test. Security licensing tests must be retaken every two years or when an extra five years is granted by the relevant state body. The Security Management Institute conducts online training courses for security examiners. Security officer training courses offered by SMI prepare aspiring security officers for the security industry jobs market.