British School Of Language popularly known as BSL, is one of the oldest and finest language schools in India that has been ranked top for IELTS preparation. We are a New Delhi based organisation with a corporate office in Noida. Over a long span of time, We have been delivering quality education and training through our various branches that are running successfully in the Northern part of India.  British School Of Language has become a pioneer institution, for teaching various languages to the students, especially English.

 We offer online courses for writing, reading, listening, and speaking English language, in addition to the 12 weeks of a personality development program. We also have online courses for those who want to learn foreign languages like German, French and Spanish. This is not all, we have a lot more to offer. If you are an aspirant for TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS ( International English Language Testing System), OET ( occupational english test), PTE ( Pearson test of English) or tests for studying abroad like SAT, GRE and GMAT, then you don’t need to worry. We will prepare you for that along with this we will provide you study abroad consultant services too. Our aim is to give a student an experience that will not only teach English to the student but will also make them confident to face the world.

We Works to Provide Excellence

British School Of Language follows the teaching system of CEFR i.e Common European Framework for Languages. CEFR is an international standard that is used to assess the ability in a particular language. It is divided into various categories like A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. For the ease of students, BSL has also created a LMS software and a cloud based virtual classroom that you can experience through a free demo class.

We offer various courses which are broadly divided into two types, i.e Group classes and Personal training. Apart from this we also have a special course by the name of the kids batch that is offered for students of age 6-12. We work with the aim to simplify language learning for the students.

Our Strategy to Boost Conversions & User Base in the Hard Times of Covid

Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost all sectors whether, education, hospitality, construction, etc. Similarly, it also affected us, but we did not stop because of this. Our hardworking team, instructors, and management, worked hard to convert our offline institute to an online mode with the help of Acecliq Digital Media the best SEO Company In Lucknow.

Initially Faced Hassles to get Huge User Base

This covid-19 pandemic situation is unpredictable, and no one can guess the future, but the study should not stop. We at British School Of Language provide top quality, online videos and content that will make you feel that you are studying in an offline institute. We want to make the study ecosystem so friendly that a student doesn’t get bored while studying online. As mentioned above, we had hard times due to covid-19 because of which we were not able to get a huge user base initially.

Gained Organic Visitors in Good Numbers( In 4 months)

We started working on SEO in August. Our team worked day and night to make the content according to students and in just four months we got 4000 organic visitors , ACECLiQ SEO Company in Lucknow helped us to rank on google in just 4 months. Apart from this, if you see the pie chart of our user arrival, you can observe that we have  65% of organic traffic and 25% of traffic that is direct. Isn’t it amazing?.

Outranks the Long-standing Authoritative websites

With a victorious SEO Strategy, we managed to get a user base of 27,953 users as of today, which is still increasing everyday and In this process Acecliq SEO Company In Lucknow is playing vital role. This is a consequence of our second data that is 119,086 page views. Like any company, we saw ups and downs at various stages of online education. We worked on our backlinks, SEO and other parameters to rank on top on online platforms too. This helped us rank 3rd on google in such a short span of time.

 Solving a world problem with us

Language is a barrier to many, and why wouldn’t it be, there are more than 200 countries in the world all with different cultures. If you are an international employee of a company, a freelancer, or a business person who has to travel to other places, language plays an important role. But one common language that is almost spoken, understood and used by many in the world is English.

English has been considered as a common mode of communication in almost all countries. Even most of the exams conducted globally are in English language. This is where the British School Of Language helps you. We at BSL, solve this language issue by teaching you grammatically correct, native, and on-demand english taught by highly skilled experts of this field. Apart from teaching English, we want our students to become confident, and communicate with their head high, and for this we also have a 12 weeks personality development program. But this is not all. We also offer our students courses for learning other international languages like French, Spanish, and German, and all this comes with certificates.

Why to join British School Of Language ?

We are experts in language teaching and personality development. We have been recognized by IDP, have been awarded a training provider certification by PTE, recognized by membersC of the British Council IELTS partnership programme. Our aim is to make a student centric platform that is friendly and gives a joyous study environment to the students. With various courses, we give an opportunity to the users to get a one-to-one personal training or a group class. Not only this, we also prepare students for global exams like, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OTE. If you are a company employee or a busy person, and cannot attend classes in the morning, we have solved this problem too, by conducting many group class batches at various times. Joining us will also give you a benefit that if you want to study abroad, then you will get proper guidance and experts to help you with this.

We are confident that by joining us you will definitely become a professional language speaker, writer, reader and a listener.