Generating backlinks is one of the most important SEO services for law firms. The article talks about how to create backlinks for website design law firms.

Creating backlinks for law firms website

Many times agencies work hard on website design for law firms. But fail to perform proper SEO. Then it will waste all the effort they put into the website design. Thus they should also focus on their SEO services for law firms.

One of the four critical parts of excellent   SEO services for law firms is link building. But law firms usually get it wrong. It’s not all about the number of links you get to your site. You also have to take care of where the links are coming from.

Many lawyers and even agencies employ old link-building tactics. It can damage your site. 

So here, we will talk about the tactics of building links for your website.

Tactics of creating backlinks

  • Ask your connections

You can ask business people and influencers in your circle to link to your website. It is the most basic but neglected method of building backlinks. If anyone from your industry links your site, you can earn a relevant backlink. It is instrumental. 

Provide a list of your industry connections to the agency that provides SEO services for law firms. The agency will contact them to get the backlinks for your site.

  • Directories & Lists of Alumni

The majority of university and college sites have an alumni area. Some of them are ready to provide backlinks to their students.

Check if you can link your law firm’s site to the alma mater’s alumni section if you can get the approval. You can also conduct some public relations.  Check if they can mention you on the alumni site.

For, e.g., The University of Washington regularly posts profiles of influential alumni with links to their websites or businesses.

So you give details of your college and university to the agency providing SEO services for law firms. They will help you to contact them and get the links.

  • Chamber of Commerce

Gaining a link from the regional Chamber of Commerce is almost like getting a free link. If you want that chamber of commerce to feature you, the key is to contact the right person.

The chamber of commerce lists you, but you’ll complete a basic application process. But the link you get and the traffic it brings are worth it.

  • The Better Business Bureau 

The BBB’s links don’t have a chance of getting any of that valued “link juice.” But they can help generate traffic to the site.

You have to pay for a BBB listing your location and the number of people who work there. But, as BBB is a recognized organization, you won’t face any fines.

Even if it’s just for the referral traffic, it can be good if they list you here.

  • Directories for blog

You can apply to list your law firm’s blog in blog directories if it has one. Remember, you should find those directories which are from your sector or service industry.

To locate these directories, just search on Google “Blog Directories,” and you’ll get various guides in the search results. The agencies that provide SEO services for law firms use this method on a large scale.

  • Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) gives reporters access to a vast collection of sources that they can use in their reports and magazine articles.

You can answer journalists’ questions. They can publish about you in reputable media by enrolling for HARO updates.

If the journalists feature you, you’ll almost certainly get a backlink to the website. You’ll also get some strong media attention.


Providing a good website design law firms and proper SEO is the secret of any digital marketing agency’s success. Generating Backlinks is a crucial part of SEO. But getting backlinks isn’t enough. Find out where links are coming from. Ask your connections from the industry to link to your site.