Brake Repair

For a safe and happy ride, it is important to notice the signals coming from your vehicle, especially when it is telling you that there could be a serious complication that needs repair. The signs of brake failure are not to be ignored, for the safety of others and your own.

Nowadays, cars come with numerous safety features like airbags, self-locking seatbelts, and camera-assisted driving that is incredibly reliable in the time of need. However, these are not enough for a harmless drive. Having effective brakes can make the greatest difference and save you from any sort of terrible mishap.

Discussed below are 5 common signs telling you that your car needs brake repair Hartlepool. If you ever face these signs, it is always best to get to your nearest auto repair shop for assistance.

1. Screeching and Squeaking sound when brakes are applied

To imply that the pads are getting low, your car brakes create a screeching sound. This could be regarded as one of the early signs of brake failure. This sound is created by vibrating waves. It is particularly made when the car is at a specific speed or when a specific amount of pressure is applied.

The friction material in the brake pads creates the sound when this pressure is applied. Each squeaking sound is made of frequency specific to the conditions that started the vibration. This does not mean that your brakes have failed but only suggests that you need to change and fix those conditions.

2. Shaking and Vibrating of the car when brakes are applied

While applying the brakes if you feel the car is shaking, vibrating or producing any other unusual motion, it is probably because you have warped brake rotors. These rotors are a part of the steering wheel where the brake pads press to steady your car.

The warped rotors considerably diminish the power of the car’s brake system as there lacks a smooth surface for the brake pads to connect with.

3. Howling and grinding noises when brakes are applied

If howling and grinding sounds are produced when you put your foot on the brake, it indicates that you have hardly any brake pads to perform its ideal function. These sounds are caused because the pads are extremely worn out and need immediate replacement. It is the noise of metal grinding on metal.

4. When the brake pedal is soft

Another sign that your car brakes are worn out is when your brake pedal has suddenly gotten soft, has become easier to push or if it has been resting closer to the car floor. This situation could also point towards a more critical problem with the brake system- low brake fluid or air in the brake lines.

5. The car deviates in another direction when brakes are applied

If you push the brakes and your car, instead of going straight and stopping deviates in other directions, it likely suggests that brake repair needs to be done to save your brake system. The main components causing these control issues are a broken brake hose, improper protection on the brake pads or dirty brake fluid. Professional assistance is required right away for saving your vehicle from further damage.

Brakes are an integral part of your vehicle and keeping them safe from all sorts of damages is a serious responsibility on your part. It is crucial to not take the brake system malfunction lightly. If you ever face an incident of your car slowing down and your brakes not responding the way they should rush to your nearest car service Hartlepool. Your car should get the best professional automotive service for its safety and longer life.