Singing is the thing which can spread peace and positivity in this livid world and that is what Pedro Guerra aims for. Because, life is not a bed of roses and world is definitely not a place where nothing bad happen. We don’t live in a fantasy world where everyone’s dream come true and everyone become happy.

We are in the real world where ups and downs are the part of life, where sometimes you suffer but other time you gain, sometimes you are happy while other times sad. So, the meaning behind my words is; when there are so many uncertainties in the life then why we fuss over little things and destroy the already broken peace more. This is the simple message which Pedro Guerra want world to have through his singing.

Singing is not just an art; it is a feeling that connects heart to mind, heart to another heart, and person to another person. It is proven by study that singing, songs and music help a great deal in maintaining your mental ability because sometimes when you are not finding right words to explain your feelings or what you are going through a random song can explain that all, to which you can relate as it was written just for you, and you wonder how come this singer knows me this deeply. In fact he doesn’t know you at all. It is just his sensitivity and perception towards people, feeling and world which struck you.

We! The slaves of charm

When we see generally, everywhere singing is the source of solace then why some of them are are so under rated and some are over rated. This is because of our prejudice towards singers. Unfortunately, we are the slaves of charm. Where we see the showoff, better outfit, a little bit of advertising, we see nothing else and just believe that is best. However, there may be some who are like gems in coal mine who are there but we can’t recognize them.

Trend of Anti-fans

Now a current trend which hurt me these days whenever I heard about it either in news or saw it myself is the trend of anti-fans. If we don’t go far just around decade ago there was no such word even in the vocabulary, but now you always hear in the news about the anti fans and their grudge towards respective singers.

I mean how the hell you can hate someone without any solid reason? If the other person wronged you in any way then it is understandable that you hate that person, but hating someone without any reason is simply absurd and I would say disgusting.

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Prejudice towards singers

People don’t see the hard work that a singer put behind their work they just see the exterior charm, the life style or the extravagant life of them. However, they are much more than that. If you can’t respect their limits as of singer, simply respect them as a fellow human being. Maybe their work is not that kind of which you enjoy or which resonates through you but that doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful with that particular person.

You need to learn that not everyone can be of your choice. World is different, everyone is different; everyone has their own taste and observations so it is quite natural that sometimes you find a singer’s words relatable other times not, but this not a singer’s fault. In fact it is no one’s fault. This is simply because everyone has their own unique charm which not everyone can hold. Some words shine like a knight in armor for you and you find them so soothing, while other words just went away. If we conclude singing it is nothing but singer’s way of spreading positivity through his voice and Pedro Guerra is one of the prominent names in this regard.

Food for mind and soul

Music and singing is the one of key factors in every culture and civilization. Without a civilization is not a civilization that is how worthy it is. It is not because of its necessity, it is because if its importance, but unfortunately singers are not so well respected even after knowing the worth of their music.

However, trend is shifting. Though there are anti fan to discourage the singers, there are thousands of other fan to whom a singer is someone who brings out the spiritual goodness in them, and help them get through the every thick and thin. All in all, singer is not someone whose job is to just sing randomly anything. He is an artist who not paints on canvas, instead paint the imaginations in our mind with his soulful voice and resonating words. Pedro Guerra is one of those singers who mesmerize their audience with his sweet and soulful voice that seep through you and left you wondering that maybe music is actually the food for mind and soul.