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According to Hubspot, the best and most used form of media in content marketing is video. Moreover, according to Venngage, 49% of marketers consider visual content important on their websites and social channels.

There’s no surprise that the audience is more inclined towards visual content than plain text. Be they are infographics, images, or videos. However, video content always stands out among other forms of content.

Hubspot conducted a survey that revealed 54% of consumers prefer video content from a brand or business they support. There’s no doubt that video marketing creates personalization, people prefer to buy from people.

As an advertising agency in Dubai, at Digital Gravity we create different types of video content for our clients’ social media. And without any doubt, it works better than anything else.

Do you want to know what type of video content is worth creating for your social media? 

Let us walk you through each of them one by one.

1.How-to Content

Whether you are creating videos or making a blog content strategy, the sequence remains the same. You move from the brand awareness phase to eventually selling. 

Early on, how-to videos set the tone. If your videos are worth watching your audience will come back again because you are giving them something for free.

Create tutorials and how-to videos according to your niche. For example, you are selling household products, you can share buying guides, unbiased reviews of other brands, etc.

You will be amazed to learn how many people are looking for solutions to small problems online. The Sprout Social 2018 Index found that 59% of consumers are looking for social media posts to learn something online.

Such videos also help in building brand credibility. When people know you are an expert on a particular topic, they are likely to buy your product or seek your service to solve a problem.


Creating a brand is all about building a connection with thousands of people; who turn your loyal customers. And to establish this connection, you must put in front the people behind your brand.

Why they started this business, what problem they are trying to solve, and a bit about their lives. That’s where you can create interviews and publish them on social accounts and pages.

Also, you can interview the experts of your niche. Recently, YouTubers have adopted this approach; one YouTuber invites an expert on his channel to get more traffic and subscribers. Then the other guy reciprocates.

3.Product Demo Videos

What’s better than getting your product in front of your target audience in a video, by yourself? Of course, nobody can describe and sell your product better than you.

In a world where people remain glued to their phones, social media posts greatly influence their purchase decisions. With their desires in mind, you can hit the pain points and describe the unique features of your product.

Infographics have their own importance, but they are never enough to convince your prospect. When you describe your product with great confidence and enthusiasm, people are more likely to give your product a try.

4.Customer Testimonials

Even on a professional platform like LinkedIn, client testimonials have become part of self-branding. Individual freelancers create videos to showcase their portfolio and happy clients.

If you are promoting a brand on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, putting user-generated content in the videos is worth your time and money. Their happy faces, positive reviews, before and after screenshots, can do wonders.

The best bit is, such videos are easy to create. All you have to do is turn the screenshots of their reviews (with their consent) into videos. If they are willing to record their testimonials in front of a camera, that’s great!

But make sure all the testimonials are true. Fake ones, once exposed, will tarnish your reputation and upset even your existing customers.

5.Announcement Videos

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Almost all the renowned brands in the world are following this trend. Christmas discounts, special offers on events, new arrivals announcements, etc. have become common.

You will often see brands going live to make such announcements. Not only does it excite people but it creates a sense of urgency. Prospects feel if they don’t act now they are going to miss a great deal.

Don’t follow the same theme and make generic announcements. Instead, add fun elements to your videos in the form of colors and fonts, each video should be unique. Every announcement should feel special to people.

6.Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Your audience would love to see how you work behind the scenes. If you are a service provider, how big your team is and how do you treat them. 

If you are selling a certain product, you can show the manufacturing process — how safe, clean, and environment-friendly it is.

People not only watch movies but they love watching bloopers as it tells them people behind the screens are humans just like them.

Behind-the-scene videos can boost engagement on your social channels and attract new traffic to your Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t hesitate to share your workdays on social media. It will build brand credibility and help people understand your mission and vision better.