With the small spaces people live in it seems a little difficult to craft your own green space, let alone a big garden. Greenery always attracts people and adds beauty to your home. A good aesthetic is always welcoming. A small outdoor space is never an easy thing, but with so many creative ideas it doesn’t seem impossible. Even if it is not big enough you can still carve your way out to make your tiny section of green look stunning. Add a pinch of creativity and some DIY furniture choices if you don’t want to spend much on your new garden to have a dream garden in your house.

If you are not sure where to begin then we are here with some great ideas to add to your garden with great hacks, stylish decor and unique planters to transform it into your dream garden.  These ideas will bring your notions into reality.

Make it multi-purpose

It’s an old way to dedicate the entire garden to plants and planters only. The modern garden is a multi-purpose area where you can relax, have a cup of tea, or sometimes plan a romantic date with your better half. In this way, your terrace can be converted into a multi-purpose garden by adding some furniture, a swing chair, or some accessories.

Grow Your Own Herbs

You can take a wooden board and create your own fresh herb display. You can also make use of old glass jars or make use of old containers and paint it to make them look fresh and beautiful to grow herbs.

Beautify some old furniture

If you have some old furniture in your storeroom then it’s time to revamp it and use it as a stylish planter. There is no need to discard them. An old dresser can be converted into a  planter, a bathtub can also be used for the same purpose. The side tables can fit in nicely and make your garden look beautiful with some beautiful flowers in them.

Transform Your Steps

You can even make the steps in your patio look beautiful with some small planters with some little effort or you can also make flower beds and transform the whole space. Green looks beautiful everywhere so do not lose a good opportunity to create gardening opportunities. Build a small green patch wherever it is possible.


The hammock is not a new thing but if there is space to add style and glamour to your garden then nothing can be better than a hammock. A place to take good pictures and put them on your Instagram account and also relax a bit in the lap of nature or get lost in a good book.

Green Wall

Add more green touch to your garden by setting some green patterns on a wall. You can add a climber like a money plant or a curtain creeper to the wall and it would look beautiful.

Patterned Hanging Flower pots

You can amplify the beauty of your garden by adding patterned hanging flower pots that simply add more beauty to space. A pair of beautiful potted hanging planters can do wonders for your garden.

Fence Planters

Window boxes can be used in so many creative ways. Fill one with vibrant blooms—a great match for a white picket fence.

Vibrant Chairs

Whether it’s a small space or a big one, beautify it with some cool and bright furniture. Go for chairs and a small table or experiment with a stool or a rocking chair.

Sling Chair

A sling chair can further add to the beauty and it may stand out among the other furniture in your garden. This folding furniture takes less space and can be easily placed as per your need or if you want to change the style.

Square Foot Gardening

This looks attractive and at the same time is a very convenient variety to your garden. Add vegetables, flowers or fruits of your choice and it would add to the beauty.

Flower-Filled Planters on your front door

On each side of your front door add flower-filled planters that would instantly make the place bright and beautiful. It will not only make you happy whenever you see the sight of these flowers but also the visitors who come to see you.

Potted Fruit Trees

You can grow a fruit tree like fig trees in pots and enjoy the seasoned fruits from your own mini garden.

Ladder Garden

Every house has a wooden ladder so boost up your creative game and turn the wooden ladder into a space-saving ladder garden and grow beautiful flowers and herbs. It will save a lot of space also and add creativity to the garden.

Fold-Out Shelf

You can take advantage of outdoor wall space by adding a fold-out shelf. You can display small plants or decorative items on display to make the walls look better than before.

Climbing Plants

Why leave your front door empty? Enliven the door or for that matter even a bare wall with a variety of climbing plants that would not leave the space dull.

Shade-Loving Plants

In shady spots go for shade-loving plants that would not leave the area empty and also require less attention and sunlight. It would thrive and make the patch look awesome.