Holding virtual conferences is a new normal now. The global pandemic that we just saw could be worse if it wasn’t for the technology. We could remain connected during the times of crisis and it all seemed a little easy with our families being on our side. Nonetheless, major changes had to be made to keep the business going. The organizations turned to virtual platforms to interact with their clients, employees and consumers. The online events took place in a large number in the past year.

Using technology in an in-person conference and conducting the whole conference online are two completely different things. Since it was all new for each of us, no one really knew the “right” method to manage online events and webinars. Given below are some of the strategies that can be tried to make virtual conference presentation a huge success:

Strategize your budget

If it is an online seminar doesn’t mean you should cut on costs. Search for creative ways to use revenue and utilize the money given by sponsors effectively to make it more interesting. Strategizing the budget is one of the crucial steps while planning a webinar. Make an outline where and how much you are going to spend all the money. Technical appliances that are required to carry out a web event are bought from this budget.

Use virtual touch backgrounds

If possible, your webinar presentation should have a virtual background that is aesthetic and could be touched to demonstrate a certain topic. If it is feasible go to a place where you have such technology then it is great. Alternatively, your event organizer could provide you a big touch screen which will immediately pique the interest of the attendees. This is why it is so important to have a budget set for the webinars.

Introduce virtual fun activities

You need to understand that people are already bored of staying at home. They need something out of the box to keep them hooked to the conference presentation. With such a short attention span and a number of distractions, it is nearly impossible to focus on one thing for a long time. Grabbing the attention of the audience is the key objective of any event or seminar. In this context virtual conferences are not very dissimilar from in-person conferences. So, provide something that will interest them. Take small breaks after every 45 minutes or so. As you are quite aware of your target audience’s interests, you can provide room for some activities that are fun and entertaining. They will act as refreshments.

You can either organize virtual gaming and shopping booths or stream a live talk show that you think will compel them to linger on. This is also a great opportunity to introduce your sponsors’ business.

Choose a host separately

You will notice that in almost every webinar presentation, the presenter himself is the host. He introduces himself, replies to the comments, and tries to ensure that his words are reaching the attendees. Ideally, there should be a host who does all these things on behalf of the presenter so that he/she could concentrate solely on his presentation. The host is supposed to fill the time gap between the two presentations and reply to the individual chats.

Keep backup softwares and apps

The biggest disadvantage of the webinars is that technology can fail any time. To make sure that no inconvenience is caused, keep a backup of the softwares that you are using. Also, you can select multiple platforms to broadcast the event such as Zoom, Insta Live, Google Meet, Facebook Live etc.