Hair Loss

Winter means dry hair. Many people cannot even think of regular shampoo for cold sores. Dirt also accumulates on the head due to a party, and picnic. We tried to give some advice on what to do, what not to do, what hair masks you can use, or follow these hair care tips at home.

Avoid these to Prevent Hair Loss:

1. Do not shampoo too often in winter. When you go out, make sure that the hair does not accumulate too much dirt. It is enough to shampoo three days a week. Wash hair in mildly warm water.

2. Instead of using regular shampoo for winter, choose moisturizing shampoo and cream conditioner.

3. You can mix a few drops of oil while shampooing. The hair will be silky and the roughness will be less. Whether it is winter or summer, it is better not to go out on the streets with oil. This causes a lot of dirt to accumulate in the hair. As a result, the normal moisture of the hair will be lost by repeatedly shampooing.

4. Before going to bed at night, rub a little olive oil on the palm of your hand and massage it lightly on the whole hair and scalp. You can also massage by heating the oil one night a week.

5. Use a deep conditioning mask or a moisturizing hair pack at least once a week. You can use a mask or pack to understand the type of hair.

6. To avoid dandruff, you can mix three tablespoons of aloe Vera gel with one tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the hair and scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and shampoo it.

7. If you want to save your hair, it is better to stay away from the sun. When going out during the day, use a light scarf that will protect the hair from direct sunlight.

8. Stay away from any color or henna in winter because chemicals in dyes or henna damage the hair.

9. Many people are reluctant to follow the rules of shampoo or hair care during the winter. Instead, take care of it every day.

Follow these tips to take care of hair:

1. If you get wet your head and take a bath, dry your hair well with a dryer and wipe your head with a towel.

2. Vitamins C, D and zinc reduce hair fall. In addition to these, include foods rich in vitamin E and biotin in your diet

3. The more you can cover your head in winter, the better your hair will be. When you come home and comb your hair, lots of hair will grow. So cover your head with a hat, sheet, or scarf when you go out on the street. It will also reduce dandruff.

4. Damp winter weather increases the problem of hair growth so avoid rubbing as much as possible. Tie your hair at night and listen. Keep your hair tied when you go out on the street. You can keep the party hair open but if you go on a picnic for the whole day, you must keep your hair tied.

5. Avoid dry scalp, dandruff problems, packs or anything else on the scalp as much as possible. You can apply serum or gel. However, just keep the scalp clean by shampooing.

Never do these things:

1. Don’t forget to apply conditioner when shampooing. You can put banana-honey pack but saving the scalp.

2. Do not wash your hair frequently. Wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner three times a week.

3. It is better not to do any treatment like coloring, curling, pressing in the parlor in winter. You can do any herbal treatment (cosmetics manufacturer) if necessary.

4. It is best to avoid junk food as much as possible. This leads to hair loss problems.

5. If you have a problem like dandruff, do not leave it. Consult a doctor if necessary.