edit a pdf file

What is a pdf file

Portable document format files or PDF files are common types of files. It is being widely used across the world for sharing documents. PDF files were created by Adobe Systems in the early 1990s. It was introduced at the windows conference in January 1993. When you download a form or document from the Web, for printing, such as IRS tax form, most of them are PDF files. PDF files end with .pdf at the end.

Use of PDF files

PDF files are largely used for sharing documents. While we write in Microsoft word, we create a .docx file on our computer. But if we have to share this document, the person whom we are sharing should have word installed in his/her system. Unless they have word installed they cannot view this file. Since word files can be edited so while sharing there is a chance that the formatting and text may shift.

However, in the case of PDF files, this problem does not arise. PDF files are meant for viewing, not editing, therefore we can easily share these files while preserving the original formatting. Also sharing any documents allows one to view them easily.

Opening PDF files

Very simple steps are involved to open and view a PDF file.  Any modern web browser can directly open the file without downloading it directly into the computer. If the browser cannot view it then it will pop up a message to take permission to download it instead.

 Ways to edit PDF files

Although PDF files are not usually meant for editing. However, there are times, when you need to make some small edits to your file, Or maybe you need to cluster separate PDFs into a single file.

Here are few ways to edit PDF files using simple tools-


Sometimes you need to make simple annotations to a PDF, such as highlighting text or adding comments, DocHub can be used to do so.  It is used to add texts to the documents allowing one to fill up forms. Although one cannot edit or cut out any existing text from the file. Also, you need to have an account to avail this feature.


Another very powerful tool to edit PDF files is SmallPDF. Here you can upload multiple files and then combine them and download a single file. This is a cool feature. Also, you can just do the opposite, i.e. you can break up a larger file into several smaller files. There is an option for converting PDF to Microsoft Word. 

The only limitation is that one needs to avail of a subscription plan after a certain number of documents being uploaded.

Office Online

This is another good tool to edit the actual PDF file and edit its texts. It is a simplified version of Microsoft Office that one can access from any browser. Besides, being free its best feature is to be able to convert PDF to word documents. 

The other How to Edit A PDF File is to use PDF editor Here are some editors you can use.

Adobe Acrobat Editor

Undoubtedly this is one of the best editors for PDF editing and is widely regarded as the best editing tool for windows 10. The only problem is that it is quite expensive.PDF editing is widely used by large and small businesses so the price is a crucial factor. However, Adobe is a great editor for PDF editing.


This is a great editor compatible with windows 10. It is a good alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It has a free trial that offers multiple video editing options. However, the paid version is also cost-effective and affordable. It holds some features like annotating, editing, and converting pdf to other formats. One can also add a signature and fill out PDF forms. It also offers 100GB of cloud storage for saving files.

Nitro Pro PDF editors

The Nitro Pro PDF editor is another great editor, packed with amazing features such as its ability to edit, create, merge, review and collaboration. You can also add a signature and fill forms and also secure your PDF files. It runs in all windows operating systems. There are two versions one is personal and the other is business. The personal version has advanced features inbuilt in it.

PDF files were created by a research and development team called Camelot under the guidance of Adobe’s co-founder John Warnock. Earlier versions of PDF files were not freely available and there was no support for external hyperlinks. The rendering of PDF files was much slower. Adobe introduced its free Adobe Reader (now Acrobat Reader) from version 2.0 onwards. PDF files are easy and convenient to use. It is of great use while sharing documents with someone.