It has been said and observed by various decorators and designers that a well-maintained floor tells us a lot about our surroundings. Wizfloor is a leading manufacturer of industrial flooring solutions and we believe that style should never be compromised. Our selection of PVC Floor Tiles for Factory and Warehouse flooring has been designed to leave you awe-struck. We offer a comprehensive range of ultra-affordable flooring solutions with the latest innovations to complement your factory, warehouse, or any other industrial space. Being one of the most trusted manufacturers and distributors of industrial flooring solutions we understand industry trends and are always on top of exciting new ideas.


WizFloor is a one-stop destination for the manufacturing and distribution of various industrial flooring solutions. We know you are looking for cost-effective and low-maintenance PVC Floor Tiles that can simply solve all flooring problems and business challenges that come with it. Be assured we have got it all covered for you. Our floor experts are efficient and quick in delivery with 5-star service.


PVC Floor Tiles?

If you are looking for convenience and durability, PVC Floor Tiles can be a satisfying alternative with ease of care. PVC Floor Tiles or interlocking tiles are a modern and flexible solution for many commercial spaces including Workshop Flooring, garage flooring, and Factory Flooring. These tiles fit together like an easy jigsaw puzzle and offer not only an elegant look but also a splendid robust surface. Our PVC Floor Tiles are skillfully designed and provide high resistance to elements like heat fluctuation, humidity, or moisture made from premium quality materials. Choose PVC Floor Tiles following the desired appearance for your Factory Flooring. Our curated range is suitable for Eco-friendly purposes because a majority of our PVC Floor Tiles are made from recycled PVC which gives them strength and durability along with chemical resistance


Unlike traditional industrial flooring, interlocking PVC Floor Tiles can be installed easily over any hard surface and without any mechanical tool or adhesives. No more cracking, damage, dust, or dirt problems, with PVC Floor Tiles we are here to minimise all flooring-related problems. All our products are build from high-quality materials which in turn makes us the most reliable in the industry. We also make sure that flooring solutions are finalised after a strict quality control program.

Why PVC Floor Tiles should be your first option for your workplace?

Suitable Warehouse Flooring makes for a welcoming environment and it not only takes less time to install but is also cost-effective. Warehouse Flooring is smooth in nature and any dust or dirt can be cleaned seamlessly with just a mop and some water. We understand spillages are common as industrial spaces are actively engaged and occupied, thus our tiles are easy to clean and maintain. PVC Floor Tiles do not get chipped, unlike the traditional ones thus removing and replacing these tiles can be done in no time. So if you think PVC Floor Tiles can be a good option for your workplace give us a call to get a free quote today.


If you are looking for commercial flooring solutions, stop worrying! we have got it all covered for you. Unlike other suppliers, Wizfloor offers freedom to its customers so that they get to choose from a wide variety based on style and maintenance without worrying much about the cost. We also make sure no disruption is caused to your business when you are looking for a change in your Factory or Warehouse Flooring. You need to just lay the PVC Floor Tiles while continuing with your business around the installation. When considered for Factory Flooring they can bring various benefits like versatility and Eco-friendliness.

Great Isn’t it?

From bold yellows to uniform blacks and grays, we welcome you to find your desired PVC Floor Tiles from our extensive range forFactory Flooringwhich includes surface patterns like diamond tread, raised disc, hidden joint, and more. The diamond tread provides excellent locking and has virtually invisible joints on the tiles of the same colour best suited for gymnasium. Invest in quality PVC Floor Tiles for they provide affordability and durability. Our online emporium aims to fulfill all your business orIndustrial Flooring needs and can be accessed with just a click.


Modern blue chip and detailing companies are just some of our valued clients who wish to create efficient and safe working environments for their employees along with making an impact on the planet by installing Eco-friendly PVC Floor Tiles.

Our team of experts have a structured approach in every area of business from manufacturing to supplying and thus we pride ourselves on understanding the individual needs of our appreciated customers. We would be glad to discuss and decide about your need from various available options, whether it be joint interlocking tiles with raised disc or diamond tread or textured. Simply explore the variety of interlocking tiles and once you are done with a suitable option for your commercial space, you can simply place your order in few clicks.

Revamp and Renovate your workplace today. Get in touch.

Our team will help you understand how PVC Floor Tiles can benefit your business. Take a look at our website for our complete range. You can get in touch with our team via email ( or call our floor specialists on (+0333 335 0080) and we will be happy to assist. WizFloor allows you to effortlessly find the answers for all your Warehouse Flooring queries that tooat an affordable price. Looking forward to gsuiding you in terms of the best suitable options and fitting.

We care about our customers and their choices and we always ensure to go the extra mile to deliver on our promises.