Whether you are in a business of selling used cars, selling cars, loading and unloading goods, selling freight or delivery service, it is important to have the right hauling equipment and people. Invest in the Right Trucks or Van. Get the right equipment. Study your growth plan. Work out your strategy for becoming an independent contractor.

Consider being an exclusive dealer. Sell your hauling business. Sell your truck load or tractor trailer or even look into the possibility of being an independent contractor. Register your hauling business. Consider being an independent contractor. Market your hauling Sacramento services.

Buy a commercial insurance policy. Buy liability insurance, too. It is advisable to invest in business liability insurance because that’s what you’ll use to protect your assets and cover personal injury claims that occur on the premises of your hauling business. Be sure to have commercial insurance coverage and at least carry the required basic insurance coverage levels. Buy extra life and dismemberment insurance to protect the lives of your drivers. You will also need to have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to protect your passengers, as well as yourself, in case someone is injured while operating a vehicle on your property.

Buy a loadup driver app for your mobile or semi trucking services. With this software, clients can order supplies and hauling services through your iPhone, smart phone or tablet. No more having to use the yellow pages or the telephone book to contact your suppliers. The load driver app makes it easy to stay connected to your customers. It connects you with potential new customers who you can text with quotes and information about the loadup services they need.

Invest in an exclusive loader program for your hauling business. Buy an exclusive loader program that includes hauling business forms, a digital customer service program and company logo materials. An exclusive loader program gives your hauling business a professional image and boosts your reputation among your peers. Buy additional add-on services like mapping, GPS and real-time dispatch. This will help you streamline your hauling business and get more done in less time.

Buy commercial insurance for your hauling business. There are many different types of commercial insurance for haulers available. Buy commercial insurance that covers everything from hauling dangerous heavy equipment to mining properties and making deliveries. Invest in commercial insurance so that you are financially protected even if something happens on the job.

Invest in a truck driver app. If you are hauling heavy equipment on a daily basis, you should definitely invest in a truck driver app to track your fleet and manage your hauling business. If you have multiple drivers, consider installing a hauling manager software that allows each driver to see what their hauling duties are. This will allow you to allocate resources to the most efficient drivers and give timely updates about their whereabouts. It also lets drivers know when their shift is upcoming and what tasks they need to complete for the next shift. An effective hauling manager app will reduce hauling delays and ensure that your drivers are getting the work they need.

Buy a used truck. If you currently own a heavy hauling vehicle and it has experienced minimal wear and tear, consider trading it in for a newer model with a better warranty. Your new truck should have: A capacity that matches your hauling business’ needs. Wheels and tires that can withstand repeated maneuvers and take a beating from the road. Fuel efficiency that matches your company’s average annual mileage.

Invest in hauling equipment. Consider purchasing a few used or trade-in trucks to start your business. If you use these trucks for hauling jobs instead of storing your inventory on site, you can use the money you make from the sale of the trade-ins to buy more cubic feet for your truck and invest in more powerful hauling equipment.

Obtain a junk removal business license. Like any other independent contractor, you must register with your city, county, state, or country. Most cities require at least a business license if you wish to hire drivers, and some cities will even require a junk removal contractor license if you wish to rent equipment or work out of your house. Be prepared to pay a fee for obtaining either type of license, but it may be worth it if you want to ensure the safety and reliability of your haulers.

Get a federal, state, or local license. These documents are easy to get online and will take only a few hours of research. Some of these documents are also available for free from your city, county, or state licensing agency. Be careful, however, that some states require junk hauling business owners to obtain their license the same way truckers must get their state license. See if there is a fee to get the information, and if there is not, find out if you can work around the state licensing requirement to get your federal, state, or local license. You might be surprised at how much time you can save by doing this.