Buying high-quality jewelry online can feel like a gamble. While the pictures might seem alluring at first, the actual quality may beg to differ. This is why online customers should always consider getting their jewelry and accessories from a trusted source. Ideally, this is one that has managed to make a name for itself. Surflegacy is one such online store that has risen among the ranks and is now the top option for people looking to buy handmade jewelry online. provides its customers with a wide selection of handmade jewelry. The website is operated and run by Andy, who is also the designer and artist behind every piece of jewelry offered at the online store. Andy is renowned for his artistic skills and has completed over 12,000 orders on Etsy. As a result of this overwhelming popularity, he decided to open his very own online store, in the form of Surflegacy. 

The online store allows fans of Andy’s work to easily browse through the available jewelry. With a multitude of options including various pieces of Viking jewelry and the famous Mjolnir necklace, customers are able to pick and choose something that perfectly meets their style. If need be, they can even get in touch and order a fully customized piece of jewelry. 

Through Andy’s unique artistic flair, the jewelry available at Surflegacy is quite superior in quality and aesthetic appeal. Whether one is getting the Viking bracelet or one of the many other pieces of jewelry available at the website, they can rest assured, as they are getting a truly high-quality item. 

About Surflegacy

Surflegacy is the premier destination for high-quality leather jewelry. The store is operated by Andy, the maker, designer, owner and mind behind Surflegacy. He created the website with the idea of providing customers with immediate access to some of the coolest, most interesting and distinctive leather jewelry on the market.

The online store’s products are inspired by a variety of things, like animals, surfing, Vikings, religion and a variety of other topics. Each one of the products they create is 100% handmade by Andy in Milan, Italy. It is then shipped to customers all over the world. Surflegacy offers access to premium leather jewelry that helps one stand out of the crowd and showcase their ideas the way they have always wanted. The website also provides clients with customized jewelry.

For your peace of mind, all orders are processed through PayPal or Stripe, the two leading companies for online transactions, on top of that, they have a Sectigo SSL certificate (the most chosen commercial certificate authority ) which enables 256-bit encryption, during order processing, for max security. A flat rate shipping (starting from only 3.99 euros) applies to all orders, no matter how many items you buy, the shipping cost will be always the same. They are on Instagram too @surflegacy_handmade. You can check it out.