During the winter season, skin care should be taken care of. If your skin is cracking and you can’t apply the cream, see a dermatologist immediately. If you are having trouble finding a doctor, then an online medical assistance company such as Credhealth. You can find a skin specialist in Abu dhabi. And you can also book an appointment online.

The winter season is about to start. That’s also when it’s important to take care of your skin health. In winter, your skin relaxes and stretches. In fact, the dry air of the winter season sucks moisture from the skin, making it lifeless and harsh. To avoid this foolishness, try different remedies. Sometimes you buy expensive moisturisers and spend thousands in the salon. While there are many things we can use at home to save our skin from feeling stiff and lifeless during the winter season.

Massage with coconut oil
Coconut oil is many times better than any moisturiser in the winter season. To maintain skin hydration in winter, massage with coconut oil should be done daily for this purpose. This will not only remove skin tightness but will also bring in skin colour. This will get the blood flowing in the body in the right way and the skin will become soft and glowing. For more detail visit the skin specialist in Abu Dhabi.

Pack for dry skin
Most of the winter skin care must be used during the winter season. If your skin is also dry, you can make a face pack at home to moisturise it. For this, mix one large spoonful of honey, two tablespoons of powdered milk and one egg yolk in a bowl. Now apply this pack on your face. After 20 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water. You can use it every day for good results.

Gram flour and oil
It is very important that you stay clean or cold during winter. For this, use a little oil or cream in gram flour and bran and apply it on your skin. This is the oldest and best home recipe for keeping dry skin clean. You can use it every day with your bath. Try not to use soap in winter, as soap will make your skin even drier and it will quickly become lifeless.

To keep your skin moisturised
To maintain skin hydration, external remedies are not enough, you also need to take care of your skin from the skin specialist in Abu dhabi. For this, add almonds, milk, paneer, and ghee to your food should you include insufficient foods. Also, do not let your body lack water all the time in winter. Because water plays an important role in skin care.