Do you think it is important to have a fixed location to find a great job? If yes, then this article is not for you. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, you can work remotely if you have an active internet connection and a personal computer. There are certain companies where there are no face-to-face meetings or proximity to clients. They only demand their work the rest time all yours.

Gone are the days when you have to physically report to the office to get paid, but not now. All you now need is a skill that you can use to impress other companies and a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure which you can use to work online. They will hire you on the basis of your skill and pay you accordingly. The best advantage of remote telecommuting jobs is that you can utilize the rest of your time anywhere after completing your work. If you are in search of such jobs, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will be bringing you some of the best telecommuting jobs with no location requirement.

15+ Telecommuting Jobs with No Location Requirement

In this section, you will get to know some of the best 15+ telecommuting jobs with no location requirement. You can freely perform these jobs remotely. Let’s start with the list.

1. Business Development Manager

Business Developer Manager is one of the best telecommuting jobs that one can get. The average salary of a business development manager is about $71,968 per annum which is very great. The work of a business development manager is to drive new customers and firms into something big, making plans for future business, managing client accounts, giving customers their required satisfaction, increasing brand value and loyalty. This job is seriously not easy to achieve and thus requires many skills and qualifications. You can apply to many new firms that are hiring for this role if you think you have the required skills and qualifications.

2. Copywriter

Nowadays copywriters are highly in demand. Their salary is increasing at an exponential rate. The average salary of a copywriter fluctuates between $50,570 per annum. This job mainly requires editing skills. The main work of a copywriter is to make a concise and clear copy of any content. Many large companies are hiring copywriters in bulk.

3. Curriculum Designer

The average salary of a curriculum designer is $61,389 per annum. The work of a curriculum designer is to create a well-structured timetable or academic training and course material so that everything gets covered easily. Nowadays everything is going online and many institutions, companies, and coaching centers are searching for a curriculum designer who can manage their workload in an effective manner. They are like personal assistants with the duty of managing the whole day.

4. Customer Support Specialist

This job has grown at an exponential rate over the last 4-5 years. If you get hired on the role of customer support specialist, then your workload will include attending clients and customers over call, social media, email, or through any other interactive platform. You might work as a customer service carer whose job is to answer their questions and troubleshoot their problem. The average salary of a customer service specialist is about $41,382 which will definitely increase if you have some experience.

5. Front-End Developer

Now, this is a skill-based telecommuting job. If you know some core languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript then you can work as a front-end developer. The average salary of a front-end developer is somewhat very high which is about $71,145. This is one of the best remote jobs provided you have skills. You can perform this job anywhere and you can also become your own boss by starting your own start-up using Remote Desktop Software.

6. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is typically a job with which everyone is familiar. In this job, you have to analyze the mood and demands of the users and customers. You have to find out which product customers are liking and which not. You also have to sell products and services online. If you have to sell any product online, then you must have knowledge about SEO and SEM. These two things are very important in online marketing. Well, if you get hired on this role that you can get up to $64,500 by just doing some steps sitting at home. You also must have skills in advertisement and marketing campaigns to increase the reach of products to large audiences.

7. Online ESL teacher

If you are fluent in English, then who is stopping you to apply as an online ESL teacher. ESL teacher means (English as a Second Language) which includes teaching English to non-native students. You will be treated as a professional teacher here and your salary would be around $43,878 per annum. Your day-to-day workload includes grading students and analyzing their performance.

8. Product Manager

A person who oversees the production of any product is termed a product manager. You have to overcheck the demand and the production of the product by managing their expenses and checking their budget. The average salary of a product manager is quite high which is about $82,916 per annum.

9. Recruiter

Become a recruiter inside any company and give them favorable candidates for open roles. This is an easy task to perform but you should have proper skills and qualifications to become a recruiter inside any company. You have to reach out to favorable and deserve able candidates and take their interviews. You become responsible if your recruiter made any mistake. The average package of a recruiter is about $49,544 per annum.

10. Social Media Manager

In this modern world, everybody is using social media. Many celebrities and companies do not have time to update their social media regularly for their followers. So, they do it to hire a social media manager who increases their followers, post photographs, create content and interact with followers. They become fully responsible for your social media accounts. Talking about the average package of a social media manager per year is about $49,881.

11. Translator

If you want to work remotely, then being a translator is the easiest job you can do. If you have fluency in more than one language, then you can easily become a translator. Nowadays, there has been a huge demand for a translator because it seems like the easiest way to convert one language spoken into another. A translator might be hired to translate articles, books, speech, captions, and many more things. The average salary of a translator is about $47,974 per annum. The skill required in fluency and expertise in both the language.

12. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who is responsible for setting up meetings and appointments for someone in a higher position. The workload of a virtual assistant includes managing the calendar or the company, taking meeting notes, responding to emails, organizing digital files, and many more things. The average salary of a virtual assistant is about $39,617 per annum.

13. Web Designer

To become a web designer, you must have some specific skills. You have to be perfect in some coding core languages like C, C++, python, java, and something like these. The main work of the web designer is to design a website by using coding languages and then making it according to the needs of the client. You should also earn some knowledge in graphic design. The average salary of a graphic designer is about $49,649 per annum.

14. Chart Designer

You can also become a chart designer or an illustrator to earn some money. It is a freelancing job in which you can become your own boss. The day-to-day workload will include making charts for the companies and then illustrating them in front of the company executives. You should have proper knowledge of PowerPoint and Graphic designing. The average salary of a chart designer is about $45,157 per annum for about 30 hours per week.

15. Writer

If you are fluent in any language and know how to write, then you can also become a content writer, like me of course. A content writer is someone who picks up his niche and then writes on different topics related to that niche. The average salary of a content writer is about $71,942 per annum but it can further be increased as your experience will increase. In content writing, you are paid according to the words you write i.e., PPW.

16. Senior Product Manager

The average salary of a senior product manager is about $121,050 which is quite high. The qualifications required are to graduate from the computer engineering field or having some computer languages experience. So, here were some of the best telecommuting jobs with no location required. Make sure you ask for credentials from the company as you do not get trapped into something fake. All the best for your future and enjoy these remote telecommuting jobs.