When it comes to choosing the right tiles, the size and shape have an impact on the overall appearance of a space. For this reason, you need to consider your desired theme before applying the adhesive and laying out the tiles. Otherwise, you might end up with a design that contradicts your intended outcome. That’s why if you’re interested in 60×60 tiles, keep on reading for more tips!

Hassle-Free Installation

While larger tiles are typically used on floors, it is now commonly seen on walls as well. If you’re using them for this purpose, make sure that you’re using pieces that are specifically made for this application. When it comes to heavier materials, non-sag adhesive mortars are the best option to use!

Because of their large size, 60×60 tiles are easier to install compared to smaller variants. While you still need an ample amount of patience to ensure that every piece is placed uniformly, you have fewer slabs to assemble. When it comes to grout, you will also use a lot less! This results in saved time during the application.

Thanks to the hassle-free installation, you have more time for other renovation tasks, such as tiling another room! After all, this material is versatile enough not just for the kitchen and bathroom but for other living spaces and outdoor areas as well.

Countless Colors and Styles

Speaking of versatility, 60×60 tiles are available in numerous designs suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. Even if you have the pickiest taste, you will find the right color and style that can satisfy your needs. This way, you can unleash your creativity and make your space much more unique.

For example, if you want to achieve an urban industrial look, you can choose gray-colored terrazzo tiles for your flooring! Compared to bare concrete, it will make your space look much more sleek and hygienic. It will pair well with exposed ceiling pipes, black countertops, and wooden tables and chairs.

But if you’re looking for a wooden design but don’t want the high maintenance associated with real timber, you can opt for this style in your 60×60 tiles! It is the perfect choice for a Scandinavian living room, especially if you pair it with white furniture with brown touches as well.

Illusion Of A Wide Open Space

No matter your design choices, 60×60 tiles can make any space look wider. This is thanks to the fewer grout lines used during installation. For a seamless finish, you can use a similar colored grout to lessen the grid-like appearance!

That means if you live in a small apartment or you need to make your tiny bathroom look more spacious, this is the right option. Just remember to limit your tile styles to 2 variants or less. With more designs, it could make your place look busy or cluttered. When pairing different patterns, opt for similar colored materials.

For example, if you’re using black 60×60 tiles on your kitchen floor, you can opt for a similar colored backsplash behind the counter. This trick is used by countless interior designers for that cohesive look.

Contemporary And Minimalist Settings

About creating a wide-open space, 60×60 tiles are also often used on minimalist homes and contemporary spaces. When you use the same material for the walls and the floors, you can give off the illusion of a spacious room while keeping it simple and sophisticated.

Owing to the fewer grout lines needed when using this tile size, you will end up with a much cleaner result. In addition to a few essential pieces of furniture and clear surfaces, this will result in a clutter-free space desired by minimalists. It would also fit in in most modern homes which require sleek and fresh looks.

If you want to utilize a bold color on your walls, neutral tiles should be used everywhere else for a contemporary vibe. Otherwise, white, gray, or beige 60×60 tiled backgrounds would be the perfect spot to decorate with striking pieces and other art elements.

Improved Convenience In Housekeeping

Lastly, the beauty of 60×60 tiles lies in making cleaning much more convenient. Because you have more surface space for your tiles and less for the grouts, particles of dust have reduced crevices to settle in. With just a few passes of the vacuum, you can get rid of any contaminants on your walls and floors.

With few grout lines to maintain, you are much more likely to stick to a preventative cleaning regime weekly. This will help you get rid of soap residue, stains, and dust that stuck to the surface after daily use.

But if you need to replace the grout after some time—especially if you see serious stains and cracks—you can do it yourself without a hassle! But if you’re hiring a professional, it would be nice to know that they can do it in a short time with fewer materials needed for your 60×60 tiles.

Key Takeaway

Because of their size, 60×60 tiles provide convenient installation for both walls and floors. After all, there are numerous designs you can choose from to fit your theme! If you have a smaller room, these are the best option because they add the illusion of a wider space.

While 60×60 tiles fit with most styles, it is the go-to choice when it comes to industrial, minimalist, and contemporary homes. On top of all these, it is also easy to clean thanks to the fewer grout lines. That’s why if you’re confused when it comes to choosing the right tile size, this variant might just look good in your space!