The recovery from addiction does not end with rehab, and it does not happen overnight. Addiction is a battle that is not easy to win. You need time, space, and a healthy routine to move back to your normal life.

Sober living homes are providing a safe and secure environment to the people recovering from addiction. The majority of people dealing with addiction require a detox program. Sober living homes are offering commitment and care to all those people.

After completing the rehab facility, a person can either join sober living or can go back to their home, but it is normally suggested not to go back home, especially if your life is filled with stress and pressure because these conditions can trigger you to go back to addiction.

All those who want to stay sober and maintain their recovery are provided with the facility of sober living.

Sober living homes provide everyone a safe environment to live, heal and grow without any addiction in their life.

In a sober living home, you are required to follow strict rules and regulations. Residents are expected to follow the rules, do house chores and attend the meeting.

You can live in sober living homes for as long you want. In sober living homes, you are surrounded by people like you who know the struggles you have faced, and you get the support of a network of individuals with the same experiences and goals.

Sober living homes in California provide a safe, sheltered, and independent environment to all the residents. You will not have to deal with any temptation, nor you will be criticized or blamed for what you are. It is a place where you rebuild yourself and get your peaceful addiction-free life back.

Here are some of the advantages being provided to people living in a sober living

Guidance, Support, and Assistance

In the sober living home, you are surrounded by people like you who support your recovery. Sober living home has managers who live with you in the house, and they provide assistance and help you with all the issues that arise in recovery.

They help residents deal with cravings, down emotions, and trouble in finding a job. Sober living homes are also connected with treatment facilities that provide sessions to people dealing with anxiety and depression. You can talk to them, and they will guide you and advise you when you need it.


A great benefit of sober living is the feeling of independence. Sober living homes in California have a set of rules that you are bound to follow and stay away from any kind of drug, but you have the independence to go out and find a job, you can go out whenever you want and make new friends, establish friendship and do everything that will help you in fast recovery.

You will have the freedom to shop for your meals, and you can cook for yourself if you want. You will have the freedom of choice, and you can take responsibility for yourself.

Restored Life Skills

The people suffering from addiction forget about the original life; they forget the simple living manner, including eating healthy, exercising, or keeping yourself clean.

On sober living, you relearn all your habits, and it helps to put you back into real life. You start to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn to do your chores. You learn to make friends and take care of yourself independently.