Kareo EHR

The healthcare community relies a lot on independent practices. While it may seem like much of the work in the industry is carried out in hospitals, that is not fact. The majority of healthcare delivery happens in small practices in rural communities. Their work is also extremely crucial, as larger facilities cannot reach rural populations in the same way.  

Independent physicians can also dedicate more time to patients. However, under stress, this system can fall apart. That’s where the role of software like Kareo EHR comes into play. The software can automate tasks and make it much easier to carry out the work you love. This leaves physicians with more time to do what they know best – provide care for patients.  

What Is Kareo EHR? 

Kareo is a healthcare software development company, with a lot of experience in the field. The headquarters for the software developer is in California. Kareo EHR is a software creator that is known for its innovative products. Their products include a number of different kinds of solutions, which are all based on cloud technology.  

When you get the Kareo EHR suite, you get access to solutions of all kinds. Not only do you get an EHR – electronic health record, but you also get more. With the suite, you can also access a practice management and billing tool as well. This is what makes Kareo such an attractive option for practices of all kinds, specialties, and levels.  

Why Kareo EHR Is For Independent Practices 

So, what makes Kareo such a great option for independent practices? The software comes packed with some amazing features that make it a great option for you! However, if you want to see all of the features of this wonderful software you can check out the Kareo EHR demo. So, without any more delay, let’s look at our top five features from Kareo! 

Prescribe Medications Online 

Prescribing medications online can be a huge shift from the traditional prescription pad. The process can make the prescription routine much faster and less prone to any errors. The traditional prescription pad has to be filled out by hand, which means it can e misinterpreted. The impact can range from mild annoyance to catastrophic if wrong doses are given. 

So, Kareo EHR comes into the picture and intervenes with an automated process. Not only is the prescription created online, but it can also be sent directly to the pharmacist. This protects the prescription from chances of misinterpretation and also makes the process fast. Now all the patient needs to do is go into the pharmacy they prefer to get their medicines.  

Use An Intuitive Dashboard 

What can a dashboard do for a small practice? The question, although understandable, is quite easy to answer. A dashboard is an incredible tool that is necessary for a good user experience. In order to get the most from the software, you can use the dashboard. It helps showcase the most important and high-priority tasks that need to be completed. 

The dashboard also helps save time when it comes to getting work done. This is because the features and tools that will be used most often can easily be placed on the dashboard. This helps any user, regardless of familiarity with the software, get their work done fast and in an efficient manner. It will also help boost the productivity of the practice overall.  

Easily Use The Patient Portal 

A patient portal can go a long way, in particular for small physician practices. This is because so much of their work is dependent on engaging patients and retaining them over a long period of time. Patients can use the portal to see their own information. They can also use it to share important data and documents or even request an appointment. 

Portals are also an important tool for practices. This helps them maintain a level of communication with their patients that can be kept secure. This is because the software is completely HIPAA compliant. Now, practices also have a lower burden when it comes to administration. The power to book appointments is transferred to the patient themselves. 

Easily Schedule Patient Visits 

Maintaining a patient schedule is integral to a healthy and growing practice. However, it is completely normal for staff at your practice to feel overwhelmed while maintaining the schedule. This is where Kareo EHR comes in and offers a dynamic and flexible solution to your problems. You can use the software to manage patient visits in an easy way.  

The calendar offered by Kareo helps you maintain an open yet doable schedule. The calendar is updated with the information from different physicians. This helps you see which slots are available and open to be booked for an appointment. The process of booking is made easier and takes into consideration space and equipment as well.  

Message Patients Securely 

Communication with patients is necessary in order to get the best level of engagement overall. This is why Kareo EHR intervenes and provides you with security mechanisms to keep communication up. The software is HIPAA compliant and built in a way that you don’t have to worry about leaked data. This makes it easier to encourage open communication.  

The communication protocols also exist for your team. This way, you can easily and securely discuss information with team members and keep everyone updated about priority tasks. This is an essential feature to improve your team efficiency.  

Conclusion – Should I Go For Kareo? 

Choosing the right EHR for yourself can get quite tricky. This is especially true when you are an independent physician. So, how can you know if Kareo EHR is the right software for you? One of the first things to consider is the Kareo EHR pricing. Does it fit into your budget as a small practice? This can be a great way to start determining if it’s a good fit.  

The next thing to consider is whether Kareo EHR software has a good reputation. There’s an easy enough way to make sure that this is true. That is because the internet is full of reviews of the software from real practices. They can give you the information you need to decide. This helps you be aware of the pros and cons of Kareo right from the start.