Don’t lie: The perfect multimeter is difficult to use correctly. There are many factors and functions to consider! The situation will only get worse when you realize that there are about 1 million Fluke multimeters on the market from hundreds of brands. It’s confusing, overwhelming, and downright frustrating.

The Fluke 87-V is the ultimate Fluke electronic multimeter

So how do you choose one of the best multimeters for your business? Here is where we can help you. Welcome to read our article. We bring you our review of the best Fluke multimeter on the market. You’re welcome!

But wait. What we have prepared for you is not limited to these. We’ll also introduce all the tips and tricks for buying the right multimeter in our exclusive comprehensive buying guide! We have everything you need and more information to get started, please keep reading!

The Fluke 116 is the ultimate Fluke meter for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

If you are looking for a suitable HVAC multimeter for general home and professional use, the Fluke 116 electronic multimeter is your best choice!

The 116 Test tool is a handy and intuitive multimeter from Fluke. It’s not rocket science, but it’s still full of possibilities and functions. If you haven’t guessed the name yet, the Fluke 116 is the ultimate stroke length meter for automotive and electrical applications! One of the best features of this car multimeter is that it has a built-in thermometer that you can use on Fluke multimeters to determine their temperature. Very clean, isn’t it?

The 116 HVAC multimeter also provides a micro-amp test that can be used to test flame detection, which we consider very important for HVAC systems. Also, the HVAC multimeter uses LoZ. LoZ ensures that the multimeter does not show false readings due to parasitic voltage; this is a very typical and common thing in the simplest multimeter. This Fluke multimeter has an ergonomically small bezel, a lightweight 2-pound body and a large display with white LED backlight that makes it easy to use. All these test functions, along with checking for continuity, frequency, capacitance, voltage, current and resistance, make the Fluke 116 hvac multimeter best suited for electricians in casual and professional activities! And it’s also very convenient and affordable! Nice deal, right?

Meanwhile, the Fluke 116 multimeter offers a very generous three-year warranty. For added protection and confidence, this Fluke HVAC multimeter has a 600V category iii safety rating!

Fluke 115 – the best Fluke multimeter for the automotive industry

If you’re looking for a multimeter for an electrician, the Fluke 115 True-RMS Digital Multimeter is one of Fluke’s best multimeters for mechanics!

The Fluke 115 True-RMS multimeter is Fluke’s specialized industrial equipment that can be evaluated by any professional and technical person. It provides the most accurate and accurate measurement by showing the actual effective value of AC voltage and current. Although very similar to the Fluke 116 HVAC in terms of performance and functionality. And basic testing capabilities: voltage, resistance, diode testing, oscillation, pulse width and capacitance; data logging etc.

However, compared to the 116, the Fluke 115 compact true RMS digital multimeter has slightly higher capacity and more powerful functions, but there are some differences. First of all, the Fluke 115 true-rms digital multimeter has a larger display for easy viewing. It also has a maximum AC/DC voltage of 600V. They have more or less similar functions, but the 115 true rms digital multimeter is undoubtedly more like a car multimeter than a multifunctional device.

Another highlight of this amazing electronic multimeter is that it’s NIST calibrated to ensure voltage and current devices meet specific manufacturers’ specifications and standards. Of course, this is exactly what you expect from Fluke. Most importantly, it also has cat iii 600v security level to increase user safety. However, this is not all of these test tools. The Fluke 115 automotive multimeter is also covered by the company’s standard warranty. Congratulations on many years of use!