Modern memory foam pillows are crafted for each sort of sleeper out there — not just those that prefer a firmer feel. While the solid variety remains best for providing ample neck and back support, shredded memory foam pillows are gaining popularity, because they’re even as responsive and supportive, yet far more huggable, than fixed-form pillows.

Best Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Though it feels even as responsive as a typical memory foam pillow, this one’s cooling-gel-infused, hypoallergenic foam and crisp bamboo-fiber cover make it all the more comfy to twist up with each night. Users love its uniquely slim profile, also as its effectiveness at reducing body aches. (Those who need a cooling pillow with more loft should choose one among the shredded memory foam pillow listed above.) It’s only available during a standard size, ranging tall from the “Ultra Slim,” which about 2.5 inches thick, to the “Super Slim” that’s roughly 3.25 inches thick.

Best Soft Memory Foam Pillow

A departure from hot and heavy pillow types, this shredded memory foam pillow isn’t only soft, but it’s much more breathable than its solid-form counterparts. It fluffs up into a lofty form which will be molded to the proper shape for resting your head on, and therefore the fill is additionally removable if it feels too lofty for you. Not only is that the design of the pillow light and breathable, but the fabric is additionally hypoallergenic, dust-mite-resistant, and may be thrown within the washer to wash , without worrying of quality degradation. It’s available during a queen or king size.