The Best Sleep Trackers to Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Getting proper sleep is one of the significant concerns among people. A busy life schedule makes it all the harder for people to go to bed before it is midnight. However, it is not just the busy schedule all the time that prevents you from hitting the hay.

Your lifestyle habits like late night entertainment and substance abuse is majorly responsible for not getting proper sleep. Eight-hour sleep, according to experts, is crucial to maintain overall health. No matter how much busy you are, you should set a schedule of eight-hour sleeping.

However, it does not mean that you will always wake up refreshed. Sometimes you may feel like tired despite hitting the sack for eight to nine years. There is no specific reason why it happens, but you can use sleep trackers to ensure you get sufficient sleep to keep your overall health in a good condition.

Since it is like a gadget, it cannot give an accurate assessment like professionals can, but they can give you some information about the quality of your sleep. Here are some of the best trackers that can help you monitor your sleep.

Fitbit Versa 2

This is the most reliable sleep tracker. This tracker can tell whether you are lying in your bed or sleeping, how often you woke up at night and at what time finally you woke up in the morning. This smartwatch can identify your sleeping patterns to develop good habits in you so you can wake up refreshed.

You can see the quality of your sleep with the score displays on the screen. It will have data that records a score based on the sleep quality. As you develop good sleeping habits, you can see the score goes up with each passing day.

This is a great way to see the improvement in you. The tracker can allow you to get an insight into light, deep and REM sleep. You can set a sleep mode so the watch does not show notifications when you are dozing off.

Well, it is not just sleeping hours and patterns that it can track. This smartwatch can track your heart rate and help you reach your goals. This is water resistant and hence you can also track your swim workout. Now it is easy to get a line on information on how your body responds and feels during the workouts.

Philips SmartSleep

This is a deep sleep headband that can track the quality of your sleep. You will get up next morning more refreshed after sleeping it using this headband. It connects to a mobile app that can let you get an insight into all information about your sleep.

It has been developed with the contribution of doctors and researchers especially to help people who sleep less than six hours per night. The best part of this headband is you do not need to consume a drug to improve your sleep.

This tracker can improve your sleep by identifying your sleeping patterns throughout sleep stages. It can track REM sleep and deep sleep when your heart beats slowly and muscle relaxes.  This headband has small sensors that can find out when you are in deep sleep.

It can keep tabs on the quality of your sleep every moment and provide you with data in real-time.  When you wear this device, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are off and the volume is low so it does not hinder your sleep.

Next morning when you get up, you can see the metrics to improve your sleep patterns. According to the feedback given by other users, you can see improvement in your sleep in the first two weeks. However, there are some people who have got benefits very quickly – within a couple of days.

Withings Sleep Analyzer

It is a pad that you can keep under your mattress to keep a track of your sleep quality. If you want to sleep freely without wearing anything like a tracker or headband, this is the perfect solution for you to track your sleep.

You do not need to wear anything. All you need to do is to keep this pad under the mattress and then lie in your bed. The best part of this pad is that it supports advanced sleep track. It can collect accurate data from the sensors.

It can continuously measure your heartbeats when you are sleeping and then determine how your lifestyle is impacting your heart health. When you sleep, you often snore or maybe you snore every night while hitting the hay.

This pad can record the number and duration of snoring episodes and can analyse what causes them. This device is compatible with most of the mattresses. This operates with Wi-Fi. Detecting your sleep apnea problem without putting any devices on is a breakthrough in technology.

The Sleep Analyzer will provide you with accurate data by recording all information, no matter how you sleep. You do not need to charge it because you can use it by simply plugging in. There are various compatible apps that can work with it including Apple Watch.

Emfit QS

Although this contact-free sleep sensing solution was designed for athletes, it can be used by anyone else. If you want to detect your sleeping patterns, this tracker is ideal for tracking it. You do not need to wear this device.

If you get uncomfortable while putting any devices on your body, you can use this contact-free sleeping tracker. All you need to do is to just keep it under your mattress. It will start tracking your sleeping patterns using the sensor in it and record a massive amount of data of deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, heart rate, breathing rate, and the struggle while sleeping.

There are a couple of more devices that can track your sleeping patterns so you can improve your sleep. Note that when you take proper sleep, you will feel better and your overall health will be good. If you do not have money to buy any of these trackers, you can look for cash loans to your door.